Friday, December 27, 2013

Saturday 12-20-13

Dan and I met out on Mill Ave and began setting up our boards. A guy named Alan stopped by as soon as I had the board up. He liked the illusion and the "genius" questions, so he agreed to go through the Good Person Test (GPT).

We found that he was not as good as he had thought when we went through some of the Ten Commandments. He had broken all four of the ones we went through, and by his own admission was found to be a lying, coveting thief, and a blaspheming adulterer at heart.

Even realizing that he was not "good", he claimed that the thought of judgment and hell didn't concern him. He believed that heaven and hell are what we make of it. I pray that he realizes the error in human thinking before that day of judgment comes.
He was homeless, so I gave him a Gift For You tract that includes some money, to help him out.

A little while later, another homeless guy named Joseph showed up. He said that he had heard that you can get some money for food if you came over here and took a test.

Well, that is not exactly how it works, but let's see how you'd do.
I took him through the GPT and explained the need for a Savior. After talking to him for a while, I gave him one of the same tracts I had given the first guy with cash inside. Now I was out of those. I had more at home, but hadn't stocked up on them.

Then Dylan, another homeless guy that had got word that the street preachers were giving away money, stopped by.

I talked with him and shared the Gospel after showing him his need for a Savior, so that it would make sense, then gave him a dollar and an "Are You Good Enough To Get Into Heaven" tract, since I was out of the other ones. I normally won't give money away without a tract any more.

And then a guy named Nick, who was passing out cards for the rooftop bar stopped and talked with me for a bit. He said he was Catholic but fell away. We had a pretty good conversation, I took him through the GPT, but he didn't seem real convicted. Still, he has some stuff to consider regarding eternity.

I explained to him that none of us are guaranteed another day, and that 150,000 people die every day. We've got to get this figured out on this side.
Seeds planted, pray that the Lord would work in him.

Next I talked with a guy named Andrew and his friend. He said he was not a good person, but agreed to go through the Good Person Test, anyway.
I explained the Gospel and gave them glow sticks, as a demonstration of God's grace, with a couple of Gospel tracts to take with them.

I talked to a couple of kids that stopped to check out the sign but didn't catch their names. We went through the GPT and I gave them each glow sticks and a Gospel tract.

Then I talked to Chris, who was not a believer and claimed that he could not believe in the "tyrannical" God of the Bible, who could create people knowing that they would sin and end up in hell. I tried to give him an explanation, but as is usually the case in matters like this, he didn't want one. He just wanted to argue.
Then he went over to Dan to harass him for a while before leaving.

After that, a whole team of about five extremely tall guys stopped to check out the board and take the GPT. 3 or 4 more of them stopped by and they were all headed somewhere. I had to rush, but got them all the way through the test. I did not catch any of their names. I did give the one that answered most of the questions a glow stick, explaining that he didn't earn it because he had failed the GPT, and that it was a small demonstration of God's grace, in giving us the much larger undeserved gift of eternal life if we would repent of our sins and trust in Jesus Christ alone for our salvation.

It was a very busy night evangelizing on Mill Ave.

Soli Del Gloria

Friday, December 20, 2013


I wouldn't call it "homophobic". I'm not any more afraid of a homosexual than I am anyone else.

I mean, I've seen the gang violence of the "gay" population when Christians are simply stating what the Bible says on the subject and opposing their lifestyle as sin, and that looks like a fearful place to be.
It reminds me of the large groups of radical Muslims who attack Christians.

Although, Muslims also see homosexuality as sin, so what is it going to look like when those two violent groups collide?

I think a better term to describe this would be "sinaphobia".

I am afraid of the righteous and just wrath of the Almighty Creator of the universe when He comes against those who would attempt to oppose Him (Luke 12:5).

I am afraid of the judgment that is coming down upon my country as we sit idly by and condone all kinds of sin and make excuses for it (Romans 1:32).

I am afraid for those who would pour out contempt and blaspheme the name of the One who created them and the environment they live in, the One who gives every blessing and allows every breath and heartbeat (Hebrews 10:31).

I mean, think about it. He created everything you know in the universe and much more that you aren't even aware of! Out of nothing! Beings more powerful than you can even imagine, tremble at the very mention of His name, yet mere mortals deny His very existence for the sake of their sins.

I am not "homophobic" and I do not hate homosexuals, I fear for them greatly. And this is why I will speak the Biblical truth to them in love, that they also might repent of their sins and trust in Jesus Christ for their salvation from the eternal hell that we all deserve (

Homosexuality is only one in a list of sins (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). If one would truly trust in Him, the love for their sinful lifestyle would change (1 John 1:9), they would become a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Soli Deo Gloria