Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Saturday 9-21-13

We've still been going out to Mill Ave, I just haven't been very good at recording the happenings out there. This week, I brought the illusion board out again (I hadn't brought it the last few times).

An older guy stopped to check it out, and asked what we were doing. I took him through the "genius questions", and he is one of the very few that got them all right. Again, he asked what the point of this was, so I took him through the Good Person Test (GPT).

He only admitted to lying, but claimed he had never stolen, blasphemed or even looked with lust. I didn't really believe him, but let that go. After all, he did just admit to me that he was a liar, so I don't know how much truth he was telling after that.

Anyway, I explained his need for a Savior, since he had admitted to breaking at least one of God's laws, and gave him the Gospel. I'm not sure what he believed, but he seemed to like what we were doing.

The next couple that stopped by, not so much. The guy looked at the illusion board, so I asked him what he thought of it. He angrily said he was offended by it. Offended? Why? He said it was because of "this religious stuff."
I asked what religious stuff he was referring to, as there's really not much religious about the illusion board, it's purpose is more of an ice breaker to get conversation started.
He pointed out the word Moses in the middle of one of the questions. Wow, a bit intolerant there.

He then asked me if I was "anti-gay", to which I replied, "What do you mean by that?" It's not really that simple, as I do not condone any sin, yet I don't hate homosexuals, either.
He said that answered his question, and he and the woman with him promptly turned and walked away.

Tom was talking to a guy who needed a bible, and I happened to have one, so I gave it to him.

A guy who called himself "Z" stopped by and took the GPT. He seemed drunk or high, but listened. He said he didn't believe the Bible, but I explained the Gospel anyway and gave him a glow stick as a demonstration of God's grace, freely given to those of us who really don't deserve it.

I talked with Mike and Carrie, who are homeless and I took them through the GPT. They told me that they had just gotten baptized today. I gave them each a "Gift For You" tract.

Next, I talked with couple of guys name Lindsey and Justin . Both were drunk, and Justin was an atheist. We went through the GPT and they both heard the Gospel before they continued on their way. Even though Justin remained an atheist, they were not offended or angry with our message, even giving me a hug and shaking my hand before they left.

Chris and Jacob also stopped for the illusion and went through the GPT. I gave them each an Are You Good Enough To Get Into Heaven tract before they continued on their way.

It wasn't all that busy on Mill, but I did talk to a lot of people, praise God!

Soli Deo Gloria

Saturday, September 7, 2013


In an article about a law in PA banning same sex marriage, then facing a court challenge, I found the comments to be quite interesting, and telling of the mindset in America today.

Some of the comments are captured below:
"If this country was founded on biblical teachings then the church would not allow priests to molest alter boys that were there to serve the church, that is SINFUL."

"Also the bible does say Jesus loves everyone regardless of race or sex."

"There is nothing sinful with loving someone regardless of what sex they are and if they choice to get married they should have the same rights as everyone else."

"The sanctity of marriage is two people in love and choice to be married, isn’t that what marriage is, who cares what sex they are, love is no different for a straight couple then for a gay couple."
Now, those who opposed these kind of ideas for a more Biblical worldview were quickly given negative marks by other posters. This would result in this message, and having to click another link just to see the post.

"Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see."

"Sin abounds and the Catholic church is just one of many examples."

"Please don’t try to justify the deviant lifestyle of the homosexual as something that is approved of by our Maker. It just isn’t supported in His word"

Then, of course, we get the OT Laws, ripped out of context, in an attempt to make the claim that Christians just pick and choose what they like from the Bible.

"So is eating shellfish, tattoos, and mixing different fabrics. Man, thank GOD this country isn’t ruled by any religion’s law."

"Ever notice how many Commandments are broken by Constitutional Amendments – heck, The Bill of Rights alone, the First Amendment alone?"

Again, it takes an extra click to see the Biblical response.
"you don’t read enough of the bible to comment on it. You go back to the old testament and drag up the law of Moses, which was a divine law, but when Jesus fulfilled the law the fabric mixing, shellfish, tattoo etc. laws no longer had to be kept."

"You scoff and use those things seemingly to prove points, but your shallow understanding of those laws is evident. You don’t care enough to search out, and you don’t care what your Creator thinks so you should quit “quoting” what you think is in the bible."
Quite nicely called out on that, if you ask me. So, what do you think comes next? There's nothing new under the sun, of course the old "judging" card gets played at this point.
"And you judge me without knowing me. I attend church regularly, have read the Bible multiple times (and continue to read it), was raised Catholic and attended Catholic school from 8th grade through high school graduation, did the CCD thing when attending public school, have been Baptised, Confirmed, and believe myself to be a spiritual person."
Well, we see part of the problem, the Catholic church is apostate and has not been following the Bible for quite some time, but that's a whole separate topic. But this guy isn't even holding to what Catholicism teaches.

"God has told me through much meditation and prayer that discriminating against gays is not His way and Jesus taught all of us in scripture to love everyone, even your enemies. Look at those Jesus surrounded Himself with. You really think Jesus would stand against gay people?"

That's right, this guy claims that God 'told' him something contrary to His written word, and thinks that condoning a sinful lifestyle is somehow 'loving.'

Again, there was at least one person there giving a Biblical worldview, which was quite unpopular.

"you received a direct revelation from God telling you that you should accept the homosexual lifestyle and support it?"
"Strange that He would change His written word to advise you of that."

"Yes, I do think Jesus will stand against gay people. He stood strongly against the scribes and pharisees and called them hypocrites. When he forgave someone it was because they repented!"

Then you get the unbelievers, calling them names and telling them that they're a "bad Christian" - as if an unbeliever had any idea what Christianity is all about!

"Nowhere does “the Word” support your attitude of hate, intolerance, and disdain."

"Jesus would be ashamed of you calling yourself a Christian."

Followed by more accusations of being 'judgmental.' But wait, isn't it a bit judgmental to be judging someone as judgmental?

Next, an actual quote from the Bible, Romans 2:1 (NIV), well, most of it, but without reference, last someone actually look it up in context.

"You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself."

There's not supposed to be a period there, it's cut off in mid verse and mid sentence. The rest of it goes, "because you who pass judgment do the same things."

I think we're on to something there in that piece that was left out. I'll come back to that.

Another poster claimed:
"There are many types of evil in the world and I cannot believe that love is one of them. If two people love each other and want to commit their lives to being together, they should. It doesn’t make my het marriage any less legal or loving just because a same sex couple marries."

"I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic elementary and high school, was baptised and confirmed. The Bible teaches you to LOVE your fellow man, not HATE."

"It doesn't matter what religion you are love is the same if you are gay or straight, you don't love any less if you are gay."

"Really come on now this is 2013, two gay people falling in love or getting married doesn't effect your life either way, gay people are just that GAY"

"….so let them live their lives the way they want to and let them have the same rights everyone else does because they are NO different then any one else!"

So, do we see the problem here? Do we see how just a few can cause such a stir, changing the way our entire culture thinks in just a few years? And they try to tell me there is no "gay agenda."

They bully those who disagree with them, play upon emotion with, "how does it affect you?" and most of society just finds it easier to go along with.

Those who refuse are made an example out of, in order to dissuade others from voicing any sort of opposition.

Oh, and remember that piece of the verse I said I would get back to? The last part of Romans 2:1, that was left off when it was quoted: "...because you who pass judgment do the same things."

I think this is the main key to it all. Even though the sins might not be the same, we all have them, and even the Bible tells us that sin is pleasurable for a season.
People don't want to give up their pet sins, and they don't want them exposed, so they're willing to overlook them in others. And that is what puts our nation in a downward spiral that is going to be hard to correct.

Look at the sin around us right now, see how far we've fallen in just a few short decades. We have become lukewarm and apathetic to the difference between what the Bible teaches and the way we live our lives.

Anyone still holding to a Biblical worldview is mocked and ridiculed without mercy, but there are a few, a remnant that God has reserved for Himself, that will not bow, that will not compromise and will not give in.

The gate is small and the path is narrow, that leads to eternal life, and there are few that find it (Matt 7:14)

Soli Deo Gloria