Here's a "Good Person" sign and the cross with the question, "Are You Ready?" that I made to set up in front of the post office on Saturday nights where we share the Gospel.

Sometimes we'll move the cross out where people can see it more.  We've already had a few people stop to ask, "Ready for what?" which gives us the opportunity to open a conversation and give out tracts.

One woman felt the need to come over and give the cross a kick or two - I guess she didn't like the feeling of conviction, even through the haze of alcohol.

First Fridays are a great place with crowds of people walking by that will stop and listen.  Tons of tracts are distributed on the first Fridays of every month in downtown Phoenix!

Here is a replica of a "turtle duck."  This is fake evidence for those evolutionists who want to believe that there are transitional life forms.  This one is turtle in the process of evolving into a duck, or a duck evolving into a turtle, or something.  Whatever you want to believe rather than the Truth revealed in the Bible.  The turtle duck talks and sings for entertainment as well. 

Some Open Air trivia questions for a dollar will usually generate a crowd.  Then you can move up to a five dollar prize for anyone who can prove that they're a good person, using the Ten Commandments.

Here are a few of us on Mill Ave to spread the Gospel through one to one, open air preaching and handing out tracts.

We gave away free "Origin of Species" books with a 50 page forward by Ray Comfort, including a good Gospel message. 

Eric (aka) "Flips" mocking the crucifixion on our cross.  He stayed around most of the night, and despite his mocking, he heard the Gospel many times while he was there.
Please keep him in prayer, that the Lord would open his eyes, convict him of his sin and draw him to repentance for his salvation and glory to God.


Here was an angry woman who'd had too much to drink.  First she tried to take our cross, then she cursed at Richard.

She was very angry when he gave her a tract that she couldn't tear up, but her friend dragged her away. 

Here's "Sideshow", listening to the Gospel for a free bottle of water.  It was hot out there on this night.

Here are the two atheists who still come out to oppose us (the two on the outside, as Shawn talks to the guy in the center, and Kayleigh uses the megaphone.

This is our think tank of "skeptics" and "free-thinkers", so we just use the logical name that comes to mind - The Skeptic Tank.  And what is a "free-thinker" anyway, other than someone who doesn't get paid to think?

Here's Tom, catching a light in mid air!  This is one of the illusions we use to attract people's attention on Mill Ave and open up a conversation about the Gospel.

Here are our atheists, out to heckle the street preaching.  We've had some great conversations with these guys out there.  They also brought some sandwiches to distribute to the needy tonight.

This goes to prove that good works by themselves is NOT evangelism, because even the atheists can do nice things for people.  No, our good works must match up with our telling people about their need for a Savior, and the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Here's Marcus taking a picture of me taking a picture of him. 

And here are a couple of atheists that just happened by, who decided to stop and debate the reality of God for a little while.

It was the Saturday before Halloween night on Mill Ave.  This guy just made up his own costume. 
We handed out a lot of tracts and did some street preaching. 

This drunken clown thought he would take a turn at the mic  That's always a bad idea - clown or not!

A boat load of Vikings had to stop to take a call on one of their cell phones.  I'm not sure where they parked this thing when they went inside somewhere. 

There were tons of people on the streets - the night before Halloween, plus it was Homecoming. 
Here's the drunk guy that thought it would be a good idea to give the amp a kick.  It didn't hurt the amp any, and we explained to him that he wouldn't want to be doing that.  There was a good police presence out there. 

Here's one of the people that comes out with our atheists to heckle the street preaching.  She has a sign offering "Free hugs from a Tattooed Lesbian."  As long as she stands out there with her sign, she's hearing the Gospel preached! 

Here's a sign we made and hung up at the corner.  A few people stopped to ask how to find out if they were good or not.  

Here's a sign that Brandt brings out for Open Air.  It's a good conversation starter. 
Here's Brandt doing some Open Air preaching. 

Here's a guy (on the left) that Tom was talking to.  He didn't look all that interested at first, but he remained when all his friends had left, and he looked as though he had learned something by the time he left.  He had some eternal matters to consider.  Seeds planted, Glory to God. 

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