Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Saturday 05-08-10

As Tom and I were approaching Mill Ave, there was a car in front of us with a personalized plate. It said, "AL PAY" Huh, I guess I'll buy the midnight snacks tonight. What a weird license plate....

We often stop at a nearby Taco Bell after witnessing on the streets, since Tom knows a guy that works there. All the employees know us and actually come over and ask for more of the tracts that we leave with them: Million Dollar Bills, Curved Illusion, 10 Commandment Coins, to name a few. So much for people not liking tracts, or being offended by them. Check out what they have: Living Waters Tracts

We met Leigh, Joe, and Alan out there, and Doug showed up a little later, with some "Big Money" tracts that went really well. These are thousand dollar bills, a little bigger in size, probably twice as big as standard bills. Marcus and Phil came by later with Sean.

People from "The Door" were preaching at our regular spot in front of the post office, so we went across the street, next to the theater and set up there. I don't know too much about "The Door", but have heard a lot of negative things about them, both from people on the street and from other street preachers.
I'll have to dig into that a bit more, but it seems that they believe in works righteousness and that you can lose your salvation. Here's some general information from Wiki as a starting point if anyone is interested in looking into it.

I did some trivia questions for a dollar and a few people stopped by. A husband and wife got a couple of the questions right and then Mickie agreed to take the Good Person Test. I found out later that she was an ordained minister, but no matter.

This same Biblical way of sharing by "Law to the proud and grace to the humble" works no matter who you are or what you know, from ministers to atheists, luke-warm believers to heretics, rich or poor, young or old, it's Biblical and unchanging.

Tom spoke with her and her husband for a while afterward, and I gave her a copy of "Hell's Best Kept Secret" and "True and False Conversion", as well as a few tracts. If you've never heard these two teachings, you can listen to them free at Living Waters, on the right hand side of the website.

Next a random guy stopped and talked to us for a few minutes. He thought that only God can judge and that people shouldn’t judge one another. We explained to him that, while that is true, we can and should judge ourselves by God's standards. He didn't stick around too long after that.

So many people want to claim that we should not judge, but the real problem is that they feel convicted, they don't want to judge themselves because they know enough to realize that they would be guilty. But attempting to live in willful ignorance will not work, because God's Law is written on our hearts. They can supress their conscience, but that won't help them when they stand before God on Judgment Day. This simply shows our NEED for a Savior.

As Tom and I were playing with the light illusion, a guy named Shane stopped, and Tom took him through the Good Person Test. His friends were trying to get him away, but he stayed through the whole thing.
Later, Sean said he remembered talking to this guy sometime in the past. Seeds planted and watered.

Then there was Thomas, who held some strange Gnostic type beliefs. He seems to pick and choose from all religions and had studied a lot of different belief systems. He knew the Bible, but twisted it and often confused it with other writings – like the gospel of Thomas. He mentioned Kabbalah, aliens, symbolism and seemed to have heard the Gospel before as well.
But he feels confident that he knows the truth and every one else was just confused. He wouldn't take a tract, and went on his way. He left us with this quote, that I found quite interesting, from George Carlin: “Your birth certificate is proof of your guilt.”

We met a Greek Orthodox man named Seraphim and his wife, who stopped to talk to Tom for a while. But he seemed pretty content with his following of tradition rather than Scripture. Joe talked to him for a while too, and I'm not sure if any of it really stuck with him. But the Gospel was explained to him, so maybe he'll think more about it later. Pray that God opens his eyes and shows him the Truth.

After that, Tom, Doug and I stopped off at Taco Bell for a snack and fellowship, giving a few more tracts to the employees there before heading home.

Soli Deo Gloria


Mordecai said...

God bless!!

Gregg said...

Praise God for seed sown. Now it needs to be watered and if God is willing perhaps he will grant repentance and souls will be harvested!

AL said...

Thank you both for the encouragement!