Monday, May 9, 2011

Saturday 05-07-11

Tom and I met Alan, Ronnie, Marcus, Kat, Jennifer, Sean, Norm and Stan out on Mill Ave for witnessing to the lost in obedience to the Great Commission. It was nice to see Norm, we hadn't seen him in a while. He brought a video camera and recorded some Open Air preaching.
We had a few good conversations, Tom gave away a lot of glow sticks to people for going through the Good Person Test.

We talked with a guy who said he was a believer and gave him an invitation to the WOTM class Tom is having on Saturday, May 21st. Tom talked with a Muslim who was interested in coming as well. It should be an interesting class.

An atheist named John was hanging around looking at my celebrity board. I talked with him for a while, but he remained unconvinced. Surprisingly, most atheists will admit to one of the three main reasons for their lack of belief:

1. Pride - they consider themselves to be the top of the food chain, accountable to no one. They are too proud to submit to a holy and righteous Creator.

2. Sin - they have some sort of pet sin in their lives that they're unwilling to even consider giving up, so they deny God in an attempt to sear their own conscience and live in that sin guilt-free.

3. This one is least likely, but occasionally someone will feel that they have committed a sin so great that God could never forgive them, but this is simply untrue. God is able to forgive anyone who is repentant and trusting in Jesus Christ alone for their salvation.

Usually it's the first or second, or some combination of the two. But this guy would not admit to any of the three. I don't believe he was being completely honest with me, but he held to his unbelief.

He thought that God was unjust in judging people with an eternal punishment for a finite transgression. This reveals his pride, thinking that he knows better than God, that the Creator is somehow not as just as his creation is.
I believe that he also has some sin in his life, but he would not admit to what it might be. We talked for a while, and Sean spoke with him as well. He was not hostile, and we had a good discussion. Please keep him in prayer, that God would reveal Himself to him in a way that would convict him of his sin and draw him for salvation to the glory of God.

We handed out a lot of tracts and seeds were planted.

 Afterward, we stopped at Taco Bell, and saw this guy in a bathrobe with a newspaper and coffee cup in his hand. You never know what you're going to see out there.

Soli Deo Gloria

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