Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saturday 01/28/12

Tom and I headed out to evangelize on the streets of Tempe, where we met Alan, who was already handing out tracts. Jean was there, and had brought a friend named Jason from her church to witness on Mill. We hadn't seen her out there for a while, so it was nice to see her even bringing someone else with. They distributed tracts and talked with people for a while before heading out.

I spoke with Ryan, a young guy with lots of skeptical questions, who's obviously been checking out some atheist sites. He had lots of good (hard) questions that I didn't have answers to. He even mentioned strengthening my faith through some of these questions, which was a little strange. It does strengthen my faith, as I go back home and comtemplate some of them and look for answers, I had just never heard an unbeliever state that fact before. I was able to give him an "Are You Good Enough to Get into Heaven?" tract that he said he'd read.

Tom was talking with a couple of guys, one of them was cursing, and stated that he didn't believe. He argued for a while, as Tom took him through the Good Person Test (GPT), and when he was done, the guy wanted a tract. He wasn't interested in the glow stick that Tom tried to give him, he said he wanted one of the pamphlets, which were in Tom's pocket and not even in sight. Tom asked how he knew that he had one, and the guy said he'd heard us out there before and that we give them to everyone and he wanted one. Another strange encounter. Tom gave him the tract he wanted, the guy shook his hand and thanked him for the conversation, then headed down the street.

A country singer named Joshua and his friend Ezekiel were out walking his dog. They said they were Christians, but didn't have a Bible. Joshua stated that he didn't really trust the Bible, citing the argument from the children's game of whispering a secret into each others ear, and by the time it gets all the way around the circle, the secret barely resembles the original. So, I explained that the Bible was different, because it was written down, and that the Dead Sea Scrolls show that it has not been changed over the years. Besides this, I trust that God will protect His Word over time and through different translations.

People have bled and died in order for us to be able to have this Book in our hands. I asked him if he'd read it if I gave him one and he said he would. Then Ezekiel came over and and asked for one, too, so I gave him one as well. Joshua said that he didn't have much and remained homeless on purpose, because he feels that God called him to that. He said that he talks to people that others may not be able to reach.

As always, please keep the lost in your prayers, as we continue to reach out to them with the Truth of the Gospel.

Soli Deo Gloria

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