Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Saturday 02/18/12

The DJ and breakdancing team set up in front of the post office this past weekend. They don't care if anyone else is already there or not, they have loud amps and just blast everyone else away. There was another guy set up there, singing and playing guitar before they arrived, and he wasn't too happy about them taking over his space. It seems the post office is becoming a popular place these days.

Tom had had a class and so there were a few new people out on the streets to see how it goes. Since the breakdancers were set up there, we just distributed tracts and didn't do any Open Air preaching.

The Door was set up on an opposite corner, preaching and playing music. I talked to one of their people for a little while, explaining the way that we share the Gospel.

Brandt has a class coming up this weekend, if anyone is in the Mesa area on Saturday, sign up and check it out at Hopefully, we'll have even more new people coming out this next weekend. Pray for more workers (Luke 10:2).

Soli Deo Gloria

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