Monday, May 6, 2013

Leopard's Spots

I am neither afraid of homosexuals, nor do I hate them. What I am sick of is this whole homosexual agenda being constantly crammed down my throat. I am considered a narrow minded, judgmental bigot because I believe what the Bible says on the subject, and no one seems to notice the narrow minded, judgmental bigotry against Christian beliefs these days. Can you say hypocrites?

The comparison of homosexuality and racism is really annoying. Does this not offend anyone who has personally dealt with racism before? It's nowhere near the same thing. A person's sexual preference does not necessarily have to be shoved in everyone's face publically, while a race or skin color is a physical difference that is readily apparent. The Bible tells us this - "can a leopard change it's spots, or an Ethiopian change his skin color?" Of course not. But can a man turn from an abominable sin and stop committing it? Sure, when that person is saved by Jesus Christ.

The homosexual agenda is not about "rights" so much as it is about special benefits and attempting to make everyone else accept this deviant behavior as normal. But it is not, and as a Christian who holds to a Biblical worldview, I will not change my mind on that. This doesn't mean that I hate gays or lesbians, and it certainly doesn't mean that I condone them being beaten or mistreated. Nor does it mean that they deserve special rights for their particular sin, either. We don't have "adultery pride" parades, and although society as a whole tends to overlook the sin of fornication, it is not crammed down everyone's throat.

The reason the homosexual agenda is gaining momentum with the general heterosexual population is simply sin. No one wants to point out the sins of homosexuality, lest their own sexual sins of fornication and adultery be brought up. Or their lust for power and greed of money or overindulgence in pleasures and food. America's population as a whole is obese both physically and spiritually, due to lack of exercise and spiritual discernment. Gluttony prevails and laziness wins out in the American heart, we wouldn't want to jeopardize our comfortable lifestyles by bringing up the nasty little three letter word of sin, would we?

Our churches promise our hearts desire, and we greedily flock to hear the prosperity gospel, overlooking how blessed we already are. Our insatiable appetite for the finer things is never quenched, as we trample others to get more than we can ever need or use in our lifetime. We can hardly judge anyone else's sins when our own lives are chock full of it. And anyone who would dare realize this and bring it up in public must immediately be shut down, ridiculed and silenced. If they won't be silenced, they must at least be mocked to the point that no one will listen to them.

So here we are today in America, Christians are now called hateful, dangerous bigots, while we accept the murderous ideals of Islam. Atheism provides the new religion of Darwinian Evolution masquerading as "science" and anyone who is brave enough to point out the inconsistencies and lack of proof is quickly shot down as some uneducated, myth believing, flat earth fool with no sense whatsoever.

With abortion killing our unborn children for convenience and profit, God being mocked and any mention of Him no longer allowed in class rooms, and erasing and re-writing any history of God in the foundation of our country, how could we not be under His judgment at this very time? And then people have the audacity to ask why God would allow bad things to happen in our country. Look around, figure it out. Read your Bible and see history repeat itself as we learn nothing from the Israelites past in rejecting God and facing judgment time and time again. The only real surprise is, why are we so blind?

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