Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Saturday 9-21-13

We've still been going out to Mill Ave, I just haven't been very good at recording the happenings out there. This week, I brought the illusion board out again (I hadn't brought it the last few times).

An older guy stopped to check it out, and asked what we were doing. I took him through the "genius questions", and he is one of the very few that got them all right. Again, he asked what the point of this was, so I took him through the Good Person Test (GPT).

He only admitted to lying, but claimed he had never stolen, blasphemed or even looked with lust. I didn't really believe him, but let that go. After all, he did just admit to me that he was a liar, so I don't know how much truth he was telling after that.

Anyway, I explained his need for a Savior, since he had admitted to breaking at least one of God's laws, and gave him the Gospel. I'm not sure what he believed, but he seemed to like what we were doing.

The next couple that stopped by, not so much. The guy looked at the illusion board, so I asked him what he thought of it. He angrily said he was offended by it. Offended? Why? He said it was because of "this religious stuff."
I asked what religious stuff he was referring to, as there's really not much religious about the illusion board, it's purpose is more of an ice breaker to get conversation started.
He pointed out the word Moses in the middle of one of the questions. Wow, a bit intolerant there.

He then asked me if I was "anti-gay", to which I replied, "What do you mean by that?" It's not really that simple, as I do not condone any sin, yet I don't hate homosexuals, either.
He said that answered his question, and he and the woman with him promptly turned and walked away.

Tom was talking to a guy who needed a bible, and I happened to have one, so I gave it to him.

A guy who called himself "Z" stopped by and took the GPT. He seemed drunk or high, but listened. He said he didn't believe the Bible, but I explained the Gospel anyway and gave him a glow stick as a demonstration of God's grace, freely given to those of us who really don't deserve it.

I talked with Mike and Carrie, who are homeless and I took them through the GPT. They told me that they had just gotten baptized today. I gave them each a "Gift For You" tract.

Next, I talked with couple of guys name Lindsey and Justin . Both were drunk, and Justin was an atheist. We went through the GPT and they both heard the Gospel before they continued on their way. Even though Justin remained an atheist, they were not offended or angry with our message, even giving me a hug and shaking my hand before they left.

Chris and Jacob also stopped for the illusion and went through the GPT. I gave them each an Are You Good Enough To Get Into Heaven tract before they continued on their way.

It wasn't all that busy on Mill, but I did talk to a lot of people, praise God!

Soli Deo Gloria

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