Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Saturday 11-02-13

Mill Ave Evangelism

A couple of girls stopped by to take the genius test but didn't want to go through the Good Person Test (GPT).
However, I was able to give them a Trillion Dollar Bill tract as they left.

A large group of people stopped and enjoyed the genius test, but only Robert went through the GPT, he said he was a Christian, but I gave him an "Are You Good Enough To Get Into Heaven" tract anyway.

A guy named Austin stopped by with his girlfriend. I didn't catch her name, since she answered his phone and missed part of the GPT. Austin heard the entire Gospel though, and understood that he failed the GPT. After realizing his need for a Savior, I explained God's grace and gave them each a glow stick.
They came back with her mom to take her thru both tests. Her name was Jo Elle.

Pray that the Lord would work in each of those we spoke with and gave tracts to. And pray for more workers in the harvest field.

Solo Deo Gloria

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