Monday, February 10, 2014

Saturday 02-08-14

Tom and I headed out to Mill to share the Gospel, and Steve met us out there.

A couple of girls stopped for the illusion, then went through the genius test and Good Person Test (GPT). One of them said she wasn't too worried about hell because she said she had her own relationship with God.
I explained that God is just, and being just, He cannot simply overlook sin. There is a fine that must be paid. Jesus Christ is the only one that can do that.

I gave them both Gospel tracts after speaking with them, please pray that they will read them and that God will work in them both.

There was a homeless guy hanging out, so I offered him one of the "Gift For You" tracts, which includes cash. He refused, saying he wouldn't take anything with God on it. He said he had a Satanic bible in his pocket and gave me some quotes from it. Then he babbled for a while with some incoherent nonsense. We agreed to disagree, and he eventually left.

Tom was talking with a couple, and the guy was a bit argumentative. This drew the attention of the police as they were riding by, and they stopped to tell him that there is no amplification allowed on the streets of Mill. They didn't hassle us on preaching, or being set up in front of the post office, just no amplification.

A guy came up to me and asked about the tracts I was handing out. I said, this one?" showing him the Coexist tract, and he said,"Yeah, don't ever hand me one of those again."
OK, you don't have to take it, I thought, but asked him why not. He claimed it was judgmental, and we have no right to judge others.

But since that directly contradicts Scripture (John 7:24), I'm just going to have to disagree with him. Besides, we're not judging anyone, simply witnessing to them so they will know the Truth.

It will be up to them, what they do with that, but we must warn people of the wrath to come. It's the only loving thing to do.

Soli Deo Gloria

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