Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Saturday 01-16-10

It was a pretty normal night on Mill this past Saturday. There was some breakdancing going on in our regular spot, so we found another place, prayed and started handing out some tracts. We had a few interesting conversations with people, and ended up distributing a lot of tracts. We didn’t do much open air, but Tom did some trivia questions and had a crowd for a while.

We met one group of people from Sierra Vista, who were familiar with WOTM. We talked to them for a while, and invited them to a Crash Course we’re having on Saturday.

Over all, it ended up being a pretty good night, lots of tracts were distributed, and we had a few one to one conversations. Tom spent some time talking with a couple of ladies who claimed to be Christian, yet didn't like what we were doing. One of them claimed to share her faith often, but I'm not sure what she really meant by that. Usually that means they hang around with other Christians and talk amongst themselves, which is fellowship, not witnessing. Sometimes they feel that their actions speak for them and they don't actually have to speak with anyone.

What I've found is that once someone knows you're a Christian, they do watch you. But they're waiting for you to mess up, to lose your temper, to act like the world, so that they can say, "See, he's no better than anyone else! The church is full of hypocrites." And being fallen humans, we will probably give them exactly what they're looking for at one point or another.
Our actions are important, but we must also speak to people, proclaiming the Gospel as we were commanded. Then, when we make mistakes or fall short, the world will see that we're not perfect, but that we do indeed have faith that we speak of, wanting others to come to repentance and salvation. Go, preach the Word to all creatures.

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