Monday, April 19, 2010

Saturday 04-17-10

Tom and I headed out to Mill on Saturday night to share the Gospel. We met Allan out there and prayed before getting started. We handed out a few tracts and then a couple of guys stopped by with a video camera and asked what we were doing. They asked if it was ok to film us for a class project he was doing. Tom said, "Sure, will you email me the video?" and the guy agreed. So, Tom took the guys friend and ran him through the Good Person test while the other guy filmed. A little later on, one of the atheists stopped by to argue, and so he filmed all of that as well. It should be pretty interesting.

While Tom was doing that, I moved away to pass out more tracts. I came across a young woman who liked the IQ Test tracts, and so I was able to witness to her, but she didn't seem to be paying a lot of attention. She kept looking around nervously as if she had somewhere to go, or maybe just wanted to get away. I gave her a couple of tracts and she left. I'm not really sure how much of it really sunk in for her, but maybe she'll read the tracts more in depth later and gain more understanding.

We passed out more tracts and Emily and Breanna from Urban Evangie joined us, and Marcus and Phil (Repent Trust) showed up a little later.

Allan did some open air preaching and then I did some trivia questions to gather a crowd. There were a couple of Christians who stopped by, yet still considered themselves to be "good" people. I took them through the Good Person test and left them with a few tracts and the WOTM website to check into for further information.

Tom did some trivia and gathered a descent sized crowd. One woman came forward to take the Good Person test and I filmed. That should be available on Tom's blog shortly. LINK

She went through the whole thing, but at the end, she stated that only God could judge her and walked away. She was wrong in that, because we can also judge ourselves. God has revealed His moral standard to us in the Ten Commandments, and she had just gone through a few of them and knew that she fell short. When conviction hits, people will either repent or get mad, and she was too proud to repent at this point.
However, as she walked away, another woman walked up to Tom and tearfully asked for prayer. She had been listening in the crowd and was very convicted and realized her need. It often works out this way - the people that you think you're talking to aren't necessarily the ones that God has chosen to speak to. Sometimes this is revealed to us, as the woman came forward, but sometimes it's not. There may be a person hearing it just out of sight around the corner, or someone hanging around nearby seemingly not paying attention. Sometimes they will come up to us later on, other times they won't. But we know that God's Word does not return to Him void. Glory to Him.

Later we handed a tract to a man who handed us a CD in return. He said his name was Chris and he was out trying to get some publicity for his band. He asked us about what we were doing, so Tom and I were able to witness to him a bit. He admitted to being a bit drunk, but seemed to enjoy discussing spiritual things. He said that his father was a Catholic and his mother a Protestant, but he didn't really hold to either belief. He seemed to be doing a bit of searching. We talked to him for a while and gave him a copy of "Save Yourself Some Pain." Tom asked if we could pray for him right then and he said that would be great, so we both prayed for Chris right there in the middle of the sidewalk. He thanked us and went on his way. Please keep him in prayer, that the Lord would work in him, revealing the truth and opening his eyes that he may be truly saved.

Soli Deo Gloria

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