Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday 04-07-10

I was able to talk to my boss a little today at lunch. He heard my music in the parking lot - I blast it pretty loud. He said he liked the music I was playing, and I told him it wasn't what he thought it was. He thought I was listening to Kansas, "Carry On My Wayward Son", but I was listening to ApologetiX.

They're a Christian parody band, and pretty good, too. I was actually listening to "Hurry Home My Wayward Son" - about the prodigal son. So that gave an opening, and he asked me later what church I went to. He's been going to church, he broke away from the Catholic church that he grew up in and is going to a regular Bible-based church now. He was tired of the empty ritual in Roman Catholicism.

I was able to explain what we do, currently going out and actively evangelizing as we're commanded by the Lord in the Great Commission, and explained that we offer a free class every month or so to equip people in overcoming their fears of sharing their faith. I didn't get too in depth, but was able to plant some seeds before others met up with us and the conversation turned to other things.

I pray that this brief conversation sticks with him and maybe he'll eventually show interest in a class or further information. I've given him tracts before, so I'm just hoping to keep eternal things in the forefront of his mind.

You never know when an opportunity will come up, we must be ready in season and out of season. I wish I would have been more ready. Who would have thought that blasting my music would lead to a conversation like this?
We serve an amazing God.



Brother Al

I pray that God will bring many into your life that need to hear the good news and give you the boldness to share it.

Keep up the good work for Jesus!

Brother Ron

AL said...

Thanks Ron! I appreciate your encouragement, and your awesome blog! Great stuff over there!

Seed Sowers said...

Al, Praise the Lord for lifting you up with this new found courage! Your're truly a laborer for the Lord: Luke 10:2. You're right on when you stated who would have guessed...but you have been given the Holy Spirit and now prepared to share with the lost anytime, any place. As it states in the scripture... go out into the world and share the Gospel. Mark 16:15

Your brother in Christ

AL said...

Thanks Tom! See ya Saturday!