Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Saturday 06-05-10

Tom had a WOTM crash course and I helped out with that. We had a lot of people this time, but none of them came out to Mill afterwards. They were very enthusiastic about the class and agreed with the teaching. They asked questions, made comments and said that they will keep in touch and come back to another class. Maybe they’ll bring even more people with them.
Even though none of them came out with us, they said they were already sharing their faith and witnessing at other locations, so I'm sure they'll use this Biblical principles as well.

We hit the streets with Marcus, Jennifer, Alan, Doug, Tom and Catherine, and met Dan, Richard and Walt out there.
It’s getting hot out here, but still the lost are wandering the streets. We gave out a few tracts while Marcus did some open air preaching, and then Tom did some trivia for cash to gather a crowd.

Tom got a young guy and two girls to stop and go through the Good Person Test. They were very hardened toward the Gospel, but the lure of money kept them there. The guy said that he didn't believe that lying or stealing were wrong, but obviously he was just trying to be disagreeable. He didn't believe the Bible either, but Tom said, "Forget about the Bible, what does your conscience tell you?"

They attempted to disagree, but were shown that they were not good when held to God's standard. As a demonstration of God's grace in giving us eternal life that we don't deserve and cannot earn, Tom gave them the money, anyway. The Gospel was proclaimed and who knows how God may work on these young people in the future? We do know that God's Word will not return void, accomplishing all that He has purposed.

After a while, I did some open air trivia and a couple of guys stepped up for the Good Person Test. Mike went through the test and his friend Dominick listened as well.

We found him to be a self-admitted lying, thieving, blaspheming adulterer at heart, but he still thought he would go to heaven, "because of Jesus" he said.

So many think that they've "asked Jesus into their heart" and are now free to do whatever they want to, with no change in lifestyle and no remorse for sin.
But Jesus didn't die crucified on a cross so that we could continue in our sins. This is where we end up with "carnal Christians" and other false converts in the Church. But Hebrews 10:26-29 makes it clear, if we deliberately continue in our sins, we are trampling the Son of God underfoot and should expect nothing less than the judgment that we deserve.

Since Mike knew about Jesus and the sacrifice made for us, I asked him if he knew what he had to do in order to make that sacrifice pertain to him. There are two things: Repent, turn away from your sins, forsake them and stop committing them. We should hate those sins that we once found pleasure in as much as God hates them. And then we must trust in Jesus Christ alone, for only He can pay the fine.

We cannot pay our fine because it is our own sins that condemn us to death. No one else can do it because they all have their own sins to deal with. Only Jesus Christ - God in the flesh - could live a perfect life, never sinning, and then take on the punishment that you and I deserve. So, if Jesus Christ is not God, we are still condemned in our sins, for only God could make that payment for us.

This all seemed to make sense to them, Mike gave me a hug and I shook Dominick's hand and they went on their way with some eternal things to consider.

Soli Deo Gloria

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Al, Right on! Your words are simple and direct. Oh, if only those who are lost could understand what the love of God is truly about. Then they too would not be able to contain such a valuable gift, the Holy Spirit, which would drive them to testify to everyone the danger of being conformed to this world. By doing so would be to the Glory of God!