Monday, November 8, 2010

Saturday 11-06-10

Saturday night on Mill Ave wasn't real busy, especially compared to last week. Still we got some tracts out there. We set up our sign asking, "Are You A Good Person?" which seemed to attract a few people (you can see a pic in the Photo tab).

Brandt has a good sign asking which religion is correct, giving a list for people to choose from (there's a pic of that one, too). This tends to get some good conversations started.

Pastor BJ came out with a few people from his church. Tom and I had a class there a few weeks ago, it was good to see them out there again.

I did some Open Air trivia and had a young woman come up for the Good Person Test, to find that she wasn't as good as she thought when judged by God's standard, and I explained the Gospel and the need for a Savior. We gave her a couple of tracts and it seemed to make sense to her, better than it had before.

We talked with a guy named Adam, who seemed to have some Christian background, and just discussed some theology and different belief systems. We left him with a few tracts to look over later as well.

The atheists came out later to proclaim their lack of belief, which still just amazes me. That people would have such a hatred that they would come out to oppose something that they claim doesn't even exist. That sounds really close to insanity to me.

A man named Dwayne came up as we were getting ready to leave, to give an encouraging word and thank us for being out there preaching the Gospel.

Soli Deo Gloria

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