Friday, November 19, 2010

Wednesday 11-17-10

Tom, Heather, Linda, Sherry, Chad, Cole, Jean, Anne, Jennifer, Jill and I met a few others to evangelize on the local college campus on Wednesday. We had 2,000 tracts to give out and had some good one 2 one conversations with some of the students at ASU.

As I was setting up my white board, a guy named Anthony stopped by to talk about the trillion dollar bill tract. He felt that everyone had already heard the message on there and would like to have seen something from the Bible that he didn't already know. I challenged him on this, and asked if he knew the Ten Commandments. Of course, he stated that he did, and actually did pretty well, getting five of the ten on the spot. Most people can't remember more than about three. I gave him a coin with the Ten Commandments on it, and explained that the message on the tracts was the Gospel - the message of hope and what people needed to know in order to understand their need for a Savior. I told him there are many interesting stories within the Bible, and if people would read it, they would find those other things that he was looking for.

Garan saw my sign asking people if they considered themselves to be good, and really liked what we were doing. He had heard of WOTM a couple of years before in LA, and had been looking for more information. I gave him the website ( and a couple of CDs to check out.

Tom talked to a few people, and the campus atheists set up nearby. We didn't have an opportunity to do any Open Air, but we distributed tracts and had quite a few conversations.

Soli Deo Gloria

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