Monday, December 6, 2010

Saturday 12-04-10

It was kind of slow on Saturday night on Mill, with the tents from the Festival of Arts still set up in the streets, but we still distributed a few tracts and had some good conversations with people.

Tom, Dan and I were playing with the light illusion, throwing lights back and forth and it caught the eye of a group of teens. They stopped to see how it was done and Tom started talking to them. Meanwhile, a couple of security guards also stopped, because they had seen it from a distance, so I talked with them. The guy didn’t seem real interested in the Gospel, he was too busy trying to be funny, or give strange, mystical type answers to the questions, while the girl with him seemed much more receptive. However, when they had to go, I offered them each a tract with more in-depth information, and she refused, saying she was already good, but the guy took one and said he would read it. It’s not always obvious how God is working in a person’s heart as we’re talking to them.

Tom also talked with two guys named Christopher and Andre, who allowed us to film them going through the Good Person Test. You can view that at Tom’s blog soon. tillthenetsrful

On the right is our new guy – Courtney, who’s not really new to evangelism, as he has been sharing his faith with tracts and talking to people on the light rail, but he is new to coming out on Mill with us.

He was handing out tracts and talking with people all night. When our atheists showed up, he talked with them for a long time. When we left, he stayed to talk with them longer. 

Soli Deo Gloria

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