Monday, December 13, 2010

Saturday 12-11-10

Dan, Tom and I met out on Mill Ave and found a DJ set up at our usual spot. They were doing some break dancing on a large tarp they had set out on the sidewalk. No matter, they gathered a crowd, and we gave them tracts.
Joe, Alan, Sean, Courtney, Marcus and Jennifer met us out there a little later.

Our atheists set up nearby, but didn't hang around long when they realized that no one could hear their speaker and there was no preaching going on. We were mostly handing out tracts and having one 2 one conversations until later. Every time the DJ took a break and restarted with more break dancing, they had a new crowd to give tracts to, so this worked out well. They hung around for 3 hours or so, then packed up.

Then Tom was able to do some Open Air preaching, starting with some trivia questions. Angelica and JJ stopped and went through the Good Person Test.

Meanwhile, a guy named "Sideshow" (who I mentioned in an earlier post) came up to talk with Marcus. He looked different from the last time I had seen him, and he said that he was clean and sober, and had been going to church. That was a huge change from the last time I had seen him, and he even took a tract to read through later. Praise God and please keep him in prayer that the Lord will continue working in him and remove the bad influences that are still in his life.

I talked with a man named Lorenzo, who stopped when I handed him a tract. He knew he'd been doing some things wrong, but still considered himself to be good overall, so I took him through the Good Person Test.
He really seemed a bit convicted, even before I spoke with him. He said that he was a Christian, but was straying from the faith, and he asked for prayer for himself regarding that, and for his girlfriend Amanda, who is pregnant. I explained the Gospel and the need to turn from his sins in repentance and told him I would keep them both in prayer.

Tom talked with Chris and Tyler, a couple of young guys who had heard the street preaching before and had stopped by to offer encouragement. They were possibly interested in going to one of Tom’s classes later on. Praise God, and we continue to pray for more workers (Luke 10:2).

We all stopped off at Taco Bell afterwards for some fellowship before heading our separate ways home. The people working the late shift there remember us and always ask for more tracts. Courtney took the opportunity to talk with a few guys that were seated at a table next to us - I love this guy, he never stops!

We got home pretty late, but well worth the time in being out sharing the Gospel.

Soli Deo Gloria

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