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Saturday 03-12-11

I had this all written up to post early this week, but sent it through email and it disappeared!  I hate it when that happens!  So, here’s take 2.

I met Alan and Ronnie on the street, and Stan, Marcus, Catherine and Tom showed up a little later.  It was a busy night on Mill Ave, and we distributed a lot of tracts. 
We spoke with a guy named Chad for a while.  He said he was agnostic and was waiting around for the atheists to show up.  He said he wanted to look into both sides of the issue and make up his own mind, but didn’t want to take any of our tracts.  I explained to him that he couldn’t really look into our side of it without taking any of the info that we had to offer.  He agreed and took a couple of tracts to look over later.  Her ended up leaving before our atheists got there.  In the end, he said he respected what we were doing, but still wasn’t sure of his beliefs at this point.  Please keep him in prayer, that the Lord would open his eyes to understand the truth. 

Marcus and I talked to three people that stopped by to check out the Celebrity Board.  They seemed to be Catholic, speaking of Lent and confession.  They didn’t really like talking about the Law so much, seeming to be almost universalist in their beliefs.  We were able to give them some “Are You Good Enough To Get Into Heaven?” tracts, before being interrupted by the arrival of some of their friends.  They seemed happy to get away.  I didn’t see any conviction as they headed out, thinking themselves secure even in their sins due to hearing too much of an errant Gospel, not understanding their need to turn from sin and submit to the Savior.  It’s sad that there are so many misled in this way today.

A lady stopped by to give me a couple of websites on pieces of paper.  I think we’ve met her before and I don’t think she likes us much, but I’ll look at her websites to see what she has to say.

Hyla (sp?), Jess and Kevin stopped to check out our “transitional species” that I made.  Hyla and Jess seemed to have a pretty good understanding of the Gospel, but Kevin believed that he had his own morals somehow.

A guy named Jacob joined in and had some good questions that we answered as best we could. 

I gave them some tracts, a CD of “Hells Best Kept Secret” and “True and False Conversion” and a couple of business cards that include my testimony and the blog site on it.  (Leave me a comment if one of you is reading this)

Near the end of the night, a guy came up to Marcus and I to see what we had to say.  He was from ND, out here on spring break and had been drinking a bit.  He didn’t like the idea that God sees lust as adultery and will hold us all accountable to His Moral Law.  He said he was a “hard-core Catholic” and that he would never change. 

He liked to argue some, and stated that there was no evidence of God, so I pointed to the building that we were standing next to and asked him who built it.  He said, “God didn’t build that, man did, just like all the cars and other buildings and these bricks…” he kind of went on a bit of a rant with this, but I agreed with him.  I explained that we know there was a builder for all these things because we have the building as proof, just as a painting is proof that there was a painter, none of this stuff can just happen on its own.  Then I told him that we have creation which proves there is a Creator.  I pointed him to a tree in front of us and how that was more complex, as a living thing than a building was, and that there had to be a Creator. 

He admitted that he just wanted to debate a bit, and knew that there was a God, so I thought I’d point out our atheists to him, explaining that we already had people who came out to argue against the existence of God with us.  He couldn’t believe that people would actually do that, even though that’s pretty much what he was just doing himself. 

So he felt that he had to go to talk to them.  A few minutes later I saw him bring Shawn over to the tree and was pointing at it, apparently using the same example I had just given when I was talking to him.

Soli Deo Gloria

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Thomas Fusco said...

Al your right this was a great night for sharing with the lost. Catherine was so excited about all the tracts she gave out. She grabbed a couple of hundred of the million dollar bills and on the way down told me that she had too many. We were only there for about an hour and she excitedly shouted, " look I only have a few left!"