Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Saturday 03-26-11

Mill Ave was nice this past Saturday, no traffic because the roads were closed off for the Art Festival, with tents in the streets. The Festival is shut down at night, but the tents were still there, and people are still wandering around, so we gave out a few tracts.

There was a strange guy, preaching in front of Starbucks. He had a hand written sign listing the 12 tribes of
Israel and who he thought they represented today. He seemed to be a bit racist against white people, and mixed some Jewish mysticism with Hindu beliefs, as well as some other heresies.

Jordan stopped by. We hadn't seen him in quite a while. He used to come out when the atheists had a bigger crowd, although he would consider himself agnostic rather than atheist. We've had some good discussions with him, he likes to debate and I think we've given him a lot of good answers. But no one is ever saved by intellectual debate. Pray that the Lord would work in his heart, convicting him of his sins and drawing him near for salvation.

There was another interesting character out there. I saw this guy wandering around a while, looking like he wanted to get into a discussion, but not wanting to interrupt. He was near the strange preacher by Starbucks for a while, and a Pentecostal preacher we see sometimes was attempting to cast a demon out of him. The guy didn't seem real impressed with any of their antics.

Later, he came over to check out the Celebrity Board and Marcus and I were able to talk with him for a while. I found out his name was Thomas, and he was not a believer. He had some interesting questions and objections, and we had a pretty good conversation.
He later said that he appreciated the discussion. Hopefully we’ll see him out there more often. 

Soli Deo Gloria

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