Thursday, April 14, 2011

Darwinian Evolution - A New Religion

The problem with Darwin's theory, is that it has been scientifically disproven. Yet, so many within the scientific community are unwilling to let it go. Thus, it has become a religion for atheists, and these so called "scientists" that hold to it have become preachers, holding to their own belief system by blind faith - the same leap into the darkness in which they claim that Christians do. But we don't, do we? There is plenty of archaeological evidence, manuscript evidence, fulfilled prophecy and scientific fact. Just as we know that there could not be a building without a builder, or a painting without a painter, there could be no creation without a Creator.

The funny thing is, no one ever assumes that Mt Rushmore just happened by random chance. Yet a living thing that is so much more complex than Mt Rushmore, they will say was just random chance. That is so foolish that it can be seen as nothing less than willful rebellion against the Creator that we all know exists.

Life does not come from non-life. It never happens, it's never been observed or recreated in a lab. Never.
[ey-bahy-oh-jen-uh-sis, ab-ee-oh-] –noun
Biology . the now discredited theory that living organisms can arise spontaneously from inanimate matter; spontaneous generation.
So, they state that evolution does not go into the origins of life, just the changes that happen later. Do they forget the name of their prophet's book? On The Origin of Species.

Micro-evolution, or adaptation, is indeed true. There are small changes within a kind, in order to adapt to changes in their environment. This has been seen in nature and recreated in the lab, it is a fact. But to take that fact and add to it the magical ingredient of millions of years in order to make the claim that it will change into another kind is pure fantasy, with no proof of any kind. That is the blind leap of faith into the darkness that Darwinists make.

These small changes never create anything new and actually tend to go back to the way they were before, when the changes that caused them disappear. Take Darwin's finches for example. Their beaks changed when the environment changed, yet they changed back when the environment changed back. And all along they were still finches! Nothing new was created.
What an awesome creation our God has made, with built in abilities to adapt to survive changes that will occur in their environment. Yet still remaining the same animal and preserving itself and continuing to reproduce after it's own kind, exactly as the Bible tells us.

In Darwin's time, it was thought that the cell was the smallest building block of life. However, know we know that within a cell, there are tiny machines working, putting things together in a certain way. Had he known this, his theory would have been discarded, yet there are still those who are attempting to hold to it.

DNA is a code, have you ever known a code to just randomly happen without some sort of intelligence behind it? I haven't. Life is way too complex to have randomly appeared.
For example, if you have an earthworm, a computer, a 747 jet airplane and a watch, which one would you say is the most complex? The worm is - the digestive system, reproduction - just living - how could we believe that a watch, a computer and a jet airliner were created, but something that is actually alive and much more complex just happened by accident?

Darwinian Evolution is simply ridiculous if you dig into it and use some common sense. It's just an attempt to deny the fact that there is a Creator who will hold us accountable one day. It's a crutch for those who are afraid, yet unwilling to give up their sinful and selfish lifestyles. But it will do them no good, because our belief (or lack of it) is not what makes something true. If you don't believe in trucks, and go stand in front of one coming down the road at 60mph, your unbelief is not going to save you.

Neither will your unbelief save you from the coming wrath of a holy, righteous and just God. Only that Creator's mercy and grace can save you, and He gave us that in Jesus Christ. Repent and trust in Him, lest you perish.

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