Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Saturday 04-09-11

There was a lot of opposition to the Gospel tonight. I met Marcus and Brandt out there, and we distributed a few tracts while Brandt did some open air.

Marcus and I talked with an atheist named James for quite a while. He actually stated that you couldn't know if there was a God or not, but didn't like the word "agnostic." We had a pretty good discussion, explaining some of the evidence for Christianity - archaeological, fulfilled prophecy, manuscript evidence as well as scientific fact found in the Bible, but he held fast to his rejection of the Gospel. We offered him a Science and the Bible tract to check out and maybe even research more later, but he wasn't interested. No amount of intellectual knowledge will ever convince anyone anyway, they'll just look past it and find a new objection. Only through the Holy Spirit will anyone ever be converted. We just remain obedient to the Lord in proclaiming it and offering reason for our belief (1 Pet 3:15 ).

A guy stopped by that wanted to talk on the mic,saying he was a Christian and wanted to talk about the Ten Commandments. I was playing some Apologetix music through the speaker at the time, and since I didn't know this guy, I would not allow him to use the mic. You never know what people are going to say on there. He seemed sincere, though. He said he was from southern California and stuck out here for a while. He said his name was Al (cool name) and asked where I went to church. I told him and gave him general directions, which he seemed interested in, so maybe he'll come and visit sometime. I'm not sure what part of town he's currently staying in.

Our atheists (the small "think tank" of skeptics that I like to refer to as The Skeptic Tank) were out, even in the rain. I really didn't think they'd show up tonight. But, apparently, word got out that Brandt would be preaching, and he tends to attract a crowd and stirs up the Skeptic Tank. I let Brandt use a couple of the "transitional species" I had created to show how ridiculous Darwinian evolution is.
The Skeptic Tank has no sense of humor about those at all.

Soli Deo Gloria

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