Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday 10-25-11

Today, twenty of us hit ASU campus to distribute 3,000 free "180 movie" DVD’s, while others all across America were doing the same thing at major universities.  

As we were gathered together to pray in the parking lot, a car beeped at us because we were standing in the way. We moved over and the car parked in a space near us. We looked over and saw the bumper sticker, “I’m Pro-Choice, and I vote.” I wonder if they had any idea what we were there for.

We distributed all the DVD’s in about two and a half hours without much resistance. Most people were happy to receive a free DVD, and a few asked what it was about.

We explained that it was a documentary, comparing the Holocaust in Germany during WWII, to a modern day holocaust right here in America.

As far as I know, we only received one complaint, someone told a security guard that one of our team was too aggressive, but I didn’t see anything like that.

The security guard brought us some extras that had been left on a table inside, and Tom talked him into taking one for himself.

A policeman was riding by on a bike and agreed to take one. Many people on skateboards or bikes would grab one as they rode by.

I only retrieved a couple from trash cans, and one guy refused to take one because he said that he knew what it was about.
He claimed that he did not agree with the analogy comparing the Holocaust to abortion, but rode away on his bike before I could find out if he’d actually even watched it or not.

We all met up together after we were finished, then stopped at Chilis to compare notes and fellowship a little before heading back home.

If you didn’t get a free DVD, you can watch it for free here: http://180movie.com/ 

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