Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Saturday 01-19-13

The warm weather returned in Tempe this weekend, and we headed down to Mill Ave. There were a lot of people out and about in the nice weather. The music man was at our usual spot in front of the post office, and a couple of homeless guys were hanging out across from him, selling their roses made from palm fronds.

So, we set up a little ways away, and one of the homeless guys didn't really like us there, saying, "There's too many people on this corner." Later on, he told me that we were going to hell because we were violating Jesus' command. I asked what command was that, and he told me that Jesus said we were not to stand on the street corners like pharisees, looking for the praises of man, but to only preach to those who were like-minded. I asked him where it said that in the Bible, but he didn't know. That's because it's not there. He called his friend over, who he claimed had gone to seminary, but he would not get involved in the conversation. Later on, his friend said that he should leave us be, and eventually talked him into going to a different location.

A few people stopped by at different times to check out the illusion board, but wouldn't hang around for the Good Person Test (GPT). Since the ban on amplification was over, Tom did some Open Air near by and talked with a few people.

An older lady named Rita stopped and went through the questions and the GPT, but stated that she did not believe in hell or Christianity. She thought that there is one God, and all religions are worshipping the same one. I explained that all the religions are different and contradict one another, but she stuck to her universalist, spiritual beliefs. In the end, I had to just tell her that we are going to disagree on this. I offered her a tract, but of course, she wasn't interested, too bound up in her idolotrous beliefs.
Meanwhile, Marcus had been talking with her husband, and had the same result. Please pray for both of them, that God would convict them of their sins and draw them to Himself for their salvation.

We'll have a class this Saturday, so hopefully, we'll have more people equipped to carry out the Great Commission and become workers for the kingdom, as per the prayer of Luke 10:2.

Soli Deo Gloria

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