Thursday, March 7, 2013

Saturday 03/02/13

Another Saturday night on Mill Ave, with Alan, Ronnie, Dan, Marcus, Brandt and myself. Tom decided to take a break, since he had been out at First Friday the night before. The music man was not there, so it was nice and quiet for the first half of the night. I played some music through our PA, and then Brandt did some Open Air.

A guy named Marshall stopped and claimed that he had been demon possessed, but he said that he had beat it. I don't even know what he meant by that, but he was quite serious about it, so I didn't argue. He also seemed a bit buzzed, whether alcohol or drugs, I don't know, but it was difficult to get any details from him on that story. He wanted to know what we were doing, so I gave him a couple of tracts and talked to him for a while. He seemed receptive and I took him through the entire Good Person Test (GPT) and explained the Gospel. He thanked me and gave me a hug before heading on down the street.

A couple, Jason and Tish stopped by. They were familiar with WOTM and had been contemplating buying some tracts. We gave them a couple as samples, and I gave them a card so they could call or email me. I told them about the class we have coming up, and they might be interested in checking that out.

After a while, the music man finally showed up. Even though we were already there, he set up right behind us, in basically the same spot, and he seemed to think that he could just crowd us out. However, I refused to move, even when he told us that we were distracting him by having conversations too close to where he was playing. I told him that setting up behind a bunch of street preachers probably wasn't the best spot to make money.
He had nothing to answer, so he just stared at me. He did that for a good 5 minutes or so, never moving, while I continued handing out tracts and even talking to him and Brandt. Finally, he stated that he wanted to put his hands somewhere, motioning to my neck, and went back to playing his instruments.
When we were finished and started packing up, he was packing up his stuff at the same time. I would have thought that he would be happy to have us gone and hang out for a bit longer, but it didn't look like he was going to.

We stopped at Rally's for some food and fellowship. We were standing over by our cars, and a guy came over there to smoke a cigarette. He asked an interesting question, "If someone gave you a book, and you started reading it and realized that it was about your life, would you read the rest of it?" Dan said no, and then took the opportunity to ask him what he thought happens after you die, and then went straight into the Good Person Test (GPT). The guy's name is Ace, and it seemed that he believed, but didn't really follow, as many people do in our country. He did seem a bit convicted by the conversation and took it seriously, so he has something to think about. We gave him a couple of tracts to take with him when he left, and he thanked us.

Meanwhile, Brandt and Marcus were having a conversation with some people over by the walk up window, where they had gone to get a refill on their drinks.
Over all, it was a productive night sharing the Gospel on Mill Ave, and at Rally's.

Soli Deo Gloria

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