Monday, March 15, 2010

Saturday 03-13-10

Tom and I went out to Mill on Saturday night to share the Gospel with the lost. We met Jean out there and she's been getting more bold in talking with people. She started a few conversations, and I stayed nearby to see how she was doing and help her out if she got stuck.

First we met a woman named Megan who borrowed Tom's phone to call a friend. When she was done, she asked what we were doing out there, so we told her we were sharing the Gospel, and went through it with her. She said she'd heard it before, and had all the tracts that we offered her. She did seem a bit convicted as we were explaining the law to her, but I don't think she's repentant yet, even though she's heard it more than once. Pray for her, I suspect there is some sin in her life that she's holding onto that keeps her from submitting to Christ.

Then we met a Marine named Josh. He had taken a tract from Jean and came back to talk with her more about it. He was very nice and seemed to have a bit of knowledge of Christianity. Jean took him through the Good Person test, but it took some coaxing to get him to admit that, according to God's revealed standards for us, that we deserve hell. He didn't think that we could know for sure what God's judgment would be when we stand before Him. We took him through it and explained the Gospel, which he had heard before, but more of a watered down version, I believe. We left him with a couple of tracts and thanked him for his service in the military. Please keep him in prayer for a deeper understanding of the Gospel and truly understanding the need of repentance and trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation.

Next an older gentleman named Bill stopped to talk. I usually don't get too many people to stop and talk, but God seemed to be bringing people to Jean for her to practice on and get more comfortable speaking with them about the Gospel.
Bill was very self-righteous, but very nice and soft spoken. He did admit to some "small lies, but nothing to harm anyone" but would not admit to stealing, blasphemy or even lust. We decided to concentrate on the one thing he had admitted, but he didn't see his little lies as anything wrong, since he didn't think they hurt anyone. I explained that it was primarily a sin against God, not people when he lied. And that the Bible tells us that all liars will have their part in the lake of fire, not just big mean liars, but ALL liars. He seemed to have a touch of post modernism too, but as we continued pressing him with the law, he became uncomfortable and decided that he had to go. Seeds planted, pray that God continues to work on him, convicting him and drawing him to true repentance.

I gave a tract to a young man walking by and he stopped to read through some of it. I asked if he had a Christian background, and he smugly said, "Roman Catholic" as he handed the tract back to me and continued on his way.

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Seed Sowers said...

Isn't it amazing how many peole we get to speak with. God is truly present in Tempe on Saturday nights. The Holy Spirit enriches our ives by helping us proclaim the truth about Christ our King.