Monday, July 12, 2010

Saturday 07-10-10

Tom and I met Alan and Joe on Mill Ave to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.

Tom talked to some Native Americans that stopped by from a basketball league. They said that they worship Jesus Christ in a different way, by their own practices. It seemed that they thought that Christianity was the same as all the religions in the world.

Tom did some Open Air, offering an ice cold bottle of water for the answers to a few questions. A young man named Keegan stopped. He was not real receptive, but did take some tracts to check out more later.

I talked to another guy who came up during this to ask some questions. He had some of the common objections and when I answered them he would just jump to another. Typical stuff that can be found on the internet – two different creation accounts, why can’t we wear blended clothes and eat shrimp, etc. The interesting thing is that the answers to all those objections can be found on the internet as well, if he only wanted to find them.

Our friendly neighborhood atheist showed up alone with a megaphone to heckle us during open air. She played a flute in the time in between. We offered her water a couple of times, but she wouldn’t take any from us.

Some “good people” stopped briefly to tell us we shouldn’t be judging and that they had Jesus but seemed to feel that they could do whatever they wanted without regard to God’s moral standard. This is the modern gospel so often heard in churches these days. The warm fuzzy stuff that leaves out God’s righteousness and His anger at sin (Heb 10:26-27). Without repentance and faith, they will hear those fearful words of Matt 7:23 when they stand before the Lord. Please keep them in prayer, that the truth would be revealed to them, that they would be convicted of their own sins and humble themselves to submit to the Lord for salvation.

Kaylee and Amanda stopped by again – we had talked to them on a previous night ( 06-12-10 ) and had left them with tracts and a Bible. Tom talked with them a bit more and we gave them each a bottle of water when they left.

I did OA trivia and a couple stopped. We went through the Good Person Test and, although they seemed to be Christians, we were able to make it more clear to them. His name was Isaiah Matthew, and we gave them some water and tracts to take with them.

Tom did a few more OA's for ice cold water and talked to a woman named Anne, even though her friends tried to pull her away. After going through the law and then grace with her, he talked with another woman that stopped by and said she respected us for what we were doing out there. So, Tom gave her a flyer for the next WOTM Crash Course so she and her friends could learn to do the same thing.

Then a guy named Joshua stopped to look at one of the IQ Test tracts I was handing out. He is in the army and recently lost a friend. He’s not really sure what he believes at this point, as he gets ready to deploy to Afghanistan, having already done two tours in Iraq. We talked to him for a while, thanking him for his service and explaining the Gospel. He had been raised with Christian beliefs, but was having doubts recently with a lot of difficult stuff going on in his life. We told him that bad things happen because we live in a fallen world, cursed by sin, and that Christianity is not about what we get in this life, but about the next. We had a good discussion and left him with a few tracts. We prayed with him there on the street and exchanged email addresses. We will be keeping him covered in prayer as he heads back into service for our country, and I would ask everyone reading this to do the same.

Soli Deo Gloria


Miss Szymanski said...

Hey AL,

Sounds like you had an interesting time witnessing... I'm especially touched by the military man's story. I know that they see a lot of things out there that cause them to question their faith. I'll be praying for him along with you.

Thanks for all you do; I really appreciate it!

P.S. I awarded your blog! :D It's just my way of saying "Thanks" for your excellent work! Hope you like it! Come by and check it out!

AL said...

Thanks for the nice comments and praying for Josh, Miss S!

I did see the award at your blog, and I tried to leave a comment but it kept giving me an error message. I emailed you to let you know, but it sounds like you didn't get that either.

Anyway, thank you very much for the award! You've got a nice blog there, and I appreciate your encouragement.