Monday, July 26, 2010

Saturday 07-24-10

We had a WOTM Crash Course on Saturday, and had a couple of people from the class join us on the streets of Mill Ave to share the Gospel. David, Harry, Tom, Catherine and myself met Leigh, Alan and Joe out there.
I also brought the cross that I had recently put together with the words "Are You Ready?" printed on the cross beam. (See The Lawman Chronicles for more info on the cross).

We prayed and handed out some tracts. I did some trivia questions then went into the Good Person Test with a man selling flowers out on the streets. We had talked with him before, and he knew all the questions that we would ask. Still, I was thankful for him stepping up, because we do this through the PA system and many others are able to hear us going through the Ten Commandments and can judge themselves by God's standard and hear the Gospel proclaimed.

Tom was doing some Open Air, offering some ice cold water if someone could answer the question, "Are you good enough to get into heaven?"
Michael stopped by. He had tattoos on his arms and neck and was carrying a purse for his girlfriend (I assume) who stayed far in the background. He claimed that he was Michael the archangel and the conversation went downhill from there. For more on this, check out Tom's Blog, as he was the one talking to him.

Later on, Marcus came out, returning from his travels back east to WV. We've missed him, it was good to see him back in town sharing the Gospel on Mill Ave.

I spoke to a young man named Zach who was a Mormon, but open to hearing other points of view. I explained some of the differences between Mormonism and Christianity. He didn't seem to know a lot of detail about his current religion, but Marcus is well versed in Mormon theology and he talked to him for a while. I had taken him through the Good Person test and explained that every religion in the world is works-based and only Christianity is different. The works Christians do are out of gratitude rather than attempting to earn their way to salvation. Please keep him in prayer, that the Lord would reveal the truth to him.

Michael "the archangel" stopped back by later. Most everyone else had left, but he came and asked Alan, Marcus and I for a "positive Word" from the Bible and some prayer. So Alan quoted some Scripture for him and we prayed for him. He thanked us and continued on his way. It was an interesting night.

Soli Deo Gloria

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