Thursday, July 15, 2010


"Tolerance is a virtue for those without conviction."  -G.K. Chesterton

This quote tends to anger people in these days of tolerating anything and everything except Biblical Christianity.  That's because this Christian nation has fallen far from where it began.   We are closer to the pagan or Satanic view than the Christian perspective as a nation these days. 

It's nothing new, though.  In this age of "If it feels good, do it" and "What do we care, they're not hurting anyone" and "It doesn't bother me any" sort of attitude. 
"Do what thou wilt" is an old expression that Aleister Crowley adopted from François Rabelais, who in 1534 wrote, "DO AS THOU WILT because men that are free, of gentle birth, well bred and at home in civilized company possess a natural instinct that inclines them to virtue and saves them from vice. This instinct they name their honor". (Robinson, B.A. "The Wiccan Rule of Behavior: The Wiccan Rede. Origin of the Wiccan Rede: Updated: September 27, 2007. Available Online at:, Visited 28 December 2007.)

And there's another similar quote, "An it harm none, do what ye will."   both quotes sound alot like "tolerance in all things" don't they?  But the Bible gives us clear moral standards for living, and sin is an offense to the holy God who created you, and whom you will stand in front of to give an account for your life.  

You might say, "I'm no pagan or Satanist, but to do what you will as long as it doesn't harm anyone sounds fine to me."  So, why shouldn't we be tolerant of all the religions and beliefs in the world?

These ideas on tolerance lead us to believe that mankind is basically good, but that's not what the Bible tells us.  Scripture tells us that there are none found good, not even one (Psalm 53:3). It says that all our "good works" are as filthy rags before the Lord (Isaiah 64:6).  But in spite of all this, it says that we'll still proclaim our own goodness in Prov 20:6.
In reality, we've sinned against a holy, righteous and just Creator who will hold us accountable for every deed, every word and even every secret thought and desire we have.  We will fall far short and find ourselves condemned by His moral Law on Judgment Day. 
There is only one hope which God has provided us a way out and that is through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ alone (John 14:6, Acts 4:12).

So that's why I cannot consider tolerance a virtue. 
It's as simple as this.  As a Christian, I cannot respect a lie, because all lies come from the father of lies (John 8:44).  And if anyone is deceived by a lie, I cannot respect their beliefs.  It's not that I don't love and respect them as a person, but they're deceived, and I cannot respect that deception - I hate it.  It will cost them for eternity if they remain deceived. 
You can hate me, but if it makes you consider your beliefs and to question and search for truth, it's worthwhile.  

"Tolerance is a virtue for those without conviction."


Robert Herndon said...

Excellent article Al

"A society that cannot tolerate a judge beyond history will find that can learn to tolerate anything else."
"Idols for Destruction"
Herbert Schlossberg

God bless.

AL said...

Thanks! Great article over on your site as well. (Click his name to check it out).