Monday, August 16, 2010

Saturday 08-14-10

It was very hot out on Mill Ave this past Saturday, even after the sun went down, because the pavement takes in heat all day and radiates it back all night. There was an excessive heat warning, but we went out anyway.

We brought a cooler full of ice cold water bottles, and Tom would give it away to anyone willing to answer the question "Are you good enough to get into heaven?" This, of course would lead to further discussion as to why or why not. Marcus sent a guy named "Sideshow" over to Tom for some water. We've seen him around and know that he's not real receptive to the Gospel, but he had to listen to it anyway in order to get a free bottle of water. Please pray that one day the Lord will open his eyes to his sin and convict him, drawing him to salvation to the glory of God.

I did some Open Air Trivia questions and a woman named Elizabeth stopped by and eventually got them all right. Then she agreed to go through the Good Person Test, even though she said she was not a good person. When we were finished, the Gospel made sense to her and she understood the need to repent and trust in Christ alone. She thanked us and continued on her way.

Tom started talking with three young Muslims, who came back after receiving a tract from him. I entered the discussion for a bit, and managed to explain the Gospel to one of them after listening to their beliefs. Then I went back to handing out tracts and talking with others. Tom continued talking with them for the rest of the night, and both sides learned a lot about the others belief systems. These young men were very passionate about their beliefs, and I pray that God would show them the Truth, that they would not be deceived, but come to know Jesus Christ as God and Savior, not just a prophet as they are taught.

The Skeptic Tank showed up to heckle and play music in attempts to disrupt the preaching of the Gospel. There are only two die-hards left that continue to come out to actively oppose something they don't even believe exists. To me, that seems insane, but I guess they have a non-belief system that they hold to religiously, which is kind of ironic.

While Phil was preaching and reading from the Bible, they wanted to discuss Psalm 137:9, they've even made one of their anti-tracts based on this one. They kept on saying how unjust and evil it was to kill babies, taking the verse out of context. This made me wonder about their stand on abortion and Marcus went over to give the idea to Phil.
Well, come to find out, our atheists believe that it's ok for people to kill babies through abortion for convenience, but not for God to kill out of judgment.  Interesting.  I guess in the end, it is the simple fact that they hate God because they want to BE God, accountable to no one. Unfortunately for them, that's just not the way it is, no matter what they believe or choose not to.

Soli Deo Gloria

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