Friday, August 27, 2010

Saturday 08-21-10

Tom and I met Richard, Joe and Alan out on the streets of Mill Ave to share the Gospel.  Soon after arriving, Matt, Jaquintan and another guy who I didn't catch his name stopped to check out our light throwing illusion. This leads into a discussion on how your eyes can deceive you, and then to the question, would you sell an eye for a million dollars. Most people wouldn't, because their eyes are precious to them, but our eyes are only the windows from which our soul looks out, so how much more valueable is our soul?

These three claimed to be Catholic, but as we talked with them a bit, we found that Jaquintan didn't believe in an afterlife at all, and the others seemed to think that all religions lead to the same place. Well, actually they do, they all lead to the Judgment Seat of Christ, it's where you go from there that really matters. They heard the Gospel, but still held to their Catholc/atheist beliefs as they went on their way.

It was raining quite a bit for a while, so we took shelter under an overhang at the post office. As we were sitting there waiting for the rain to ease up, I saw our friendly neighborhood atheist who normally comes out and heckles us. She didn't have her megaphone today, and actually gave a half hearted wave in our general direction. This is progress, as she normally seems to really hate us. We didn't see her the rest of the night.

Another guy named Jason stopped as we were still under the shelter from the rain and gestured that we should be preaching and not afraid of the rain. While the rain doesn't really bother us much, it really disperses the crowd, so there was really no one to preach to. We talked to him for a little while, and he brought up how he didn't like street preachers who judged people and told them that they're going to hell. We explained that we didn't do that, and that we ask people to judge themselves by God's standard to determine where they'll spend eternity. We took him through a few of the Commandments and then he left. I guess his real problem was not so much what kind of preaching he was hearing, but the conviction in his heart.

It was raining off and on, so there weren't too many people out tonight. We were still able to hand out a few tracts and plant some seeds. And the rain is nice out here in the desert where we don't get much of it, except during Monsoon season.

Soli Deo Gloria

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