Monday, October 11, 2010

Saturday 10-09-10

Saturday night on Mill was interesting. A man named Tracy stopped to answer some of the trivia questions we were asking, and agreed to take the Good Person Test, even though he said that he wouldn't consider himself to be a good person. There are very few who don't (Prov 20:6). I took him through the questions anyway, and gave him a more specific understanding of the Gospel. When we had finished, he said that he was a Gospel singer and asked if he could sing a song. I held the mic for him so he could play guitar and he was pretty good. Here's a picture of Tracy.

Later on, while Tom was Open Air preaching, a group of zombies went by. They had bloodied faces and shirts, and one of them laid on the ground so the others could drag him through the crowd and past the front of our stool. I guess they were out a little early for Halloween.

While we were playing with the light illusion, tossing red lights back and forth, people stopped to see how we did it. Twice people said that they would sell their eyes for $500,000. Sane people won't normally state such a thing, I asked them what they would do then, see the world? One of them said he'd go buy some other eyes. Money really is an idol that enslaves mankind, especially young people who've had too much to drink.

Tom talked with Shawn, one of the skeptics who likes to come out and oppose our preaching, and we spoke with Rocco for a while as well.
Most of the atheists we find on Mill Ave actually enjoy having these type of discussions. Even though they disagree with us, they are willing to debate, ask questions and give their own perspective for why they don't believe. I've found that many of them have a background in some sort of religion. Whether it's a false religion such as Mormonism, Catholic tradition, or just some entertainment based church, they've had just enough to become an innoculated backslider.

I've often heard the complaint that they've been reprimanded for questioning the belief system, most likely because those they asked didn't have the answers and didn't want to take the time to look for them. But there are answers out there, and we shouldn't just disregard the questions. I've actually had my own faith strengthened while looking up answers to some of the questions or statements posed by our atheists on the streets.

I hope to see our friends from Tree of Life Community Church out again in the future. Tom and I have recently taken them through the WOTM Crash Course and they came out to see these principles in action on the streets, even handing out a few tracts while they were there. Thanks to Pastor BJ Drebert for opening up his church and allowing us to teach there.
We continue to pray for more workers (Luke 10:2)

Soli Deo Gloria

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