Monday, October 18, 2010

Saturday 10-16-10

Tom, Catherine, Ronnie and I met Joe, Marcus and Jennifer out on Mill Ave for some Saturday night evangelism. We handed out a few tracts and Tom did some Open Air Trivia. A guy who had been sitting near by in Renaissance Festival clothes, had the correct answer for Tom's trivia question for a dollar, and decided to take the Good Person Test for $5.

His name is Andrew, and it turned out that he wasn't as good as he had thought, once he was compared to God's standard rather than man's.
Tom took him through the Gospel and spent some time explaining it to him. Although Andrew claimed to be a Christian, this explanation made it more clear of his need for a Savior, and we left him with a few more tracts to look through later.

I talked to a guy named Shane, who was homeless and trying to find his way back to Seattle. He claimed that he'd had an argument with a friend, and thought things had gone so badly that he could lose his life through all of this. I don't know all the details, but please keep him in prayer. He seemed to have some background in Christianity, but still considered himself to be a good person. So I took him through the test, explained the Gospel and told him that he has to be made right with God before he leaves this world.

Tom had been talking to a homeless woman named Jessica, and we prayed for her there on the street. She had recently become homeless and is trying to keep custody of her son.

A woman with multiple piercings in her face came over to talk to me for a while. She claimed to have had a Christian background, but now believes in all kinds of religions and pagan stuff. She thinks she can keep from being deceived by Satan, yet she is very lost. I'm not really sure why she wanted to talk to me, as she really wasn't interested in making any changes in her life. Just wanted to tell me about herself, so I listened and explained that there are false teachers within the church, but that doesn't invalidate the truth. She mentioned her tattoos of a pentagram and an inverted cross, and I told her that anyone can be forgiven and saved, but she really wasn't very receptive.

Our atheists had brought out their free clothes for those in need, and also brought some sandwiches from Jersey Mike's for anyone who was hungry. This goes to show that, while feeding and caring for the homeless are good works to be done, it is NOT evangelizing. We had some good discussions with Rocco and Shawn, as well as a few other atheists that stopped by.

I talked with a guy named Brad. He'd been drinking, but had some good knowledge of the Gospel. However, we know that believing isn't enough (even the demons believe), and I talked with him for a while. I explained the need to repent, turning away from sins, forsaking them and trusting fully in Jesus Christ. Then we talked about the fact that we do good works - not in an attempt to earn our way into Heaven - but out of gratitude for what God has already done for us, in His love and sacrifice to pay the punishment for our sins because we are unable to.

It was a pretty good night of evangelizing.

Soli Deo Gloria

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