Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Saturday 01-29-11

We talked with Rocco (one of the atheists) for a while. I really enjoy talking with him. He brings up some good points, although we (obviously) disagree on the basics. He says that he has really tried to believe, but it simply doesn't make sense to him. This just proves that, no matter how hard we try to convince someone, no amount of facts or information is going to do it. Only God Himself can make a conversion. We do nothing but be obedient and are granted the great privilege of being used by God for His purpose. Please keep Rocco in prayer, that the Lord would open his eyes and convert him to salvation. With God, all things are possible.

Three girls stopped to take the Good Person Test for a free prize (a glow stick bracelet). Marcus took them through the law and explained the Gospel to them. One of them said she had a Catholic background, and Marcus told them that it is only through Jesus Christ that we are saved. This is contrary to Catholic teaching, but she didn't seem to realize that. I gave them each a "Are You Good Enough to Get into Heaven?" tract, and they seemed very receptive.

Tom talked to a young couple named Luke and his fiance Maddie for a long time. You'll have to check out his Blog for details on that conversation, as I was passing out tracts and didn't hear it.

Stan said he had spoken with a guy that he had known before, but that the man was very angry and said he was going to go get a gun. We didn't think he would be back, but you never know on Mill Ave. We were getting ready to pack up anyway, and Stan headed out, as we were planning on meeting at a local Taco Bell afterward.

Then a man who was pretty drunk showed up asking if we were the preachers out here on the street. Marcus said yes, and the guy said, "Alright, preach to me." Marcus explained that we preach the Law and the Gospel per the Bible. We were wondering if this was the guy that had threatened Stan, as he was acting a little strange. Then the guy pulled out a wad of cash and handed it to Marcus saying that he wanted to give this to him for the ministry and to keep up the good work. Marcus tried to refuse, but the man insisted. We counted it up later, and it was a pretty good sum. Marcus decided that we should split it, so we did and bought a bunch of tracts to continue to hand out on Mill Ave. The Lord provides.

Soli Deo Gloria

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