Monday, February 14, 2011

Saturday 02-12-11

Kind of a weird night on Mill Ave (but I guess that's pretty much normal). It was pretty slow early in the night, but there were more people out and about as the night went on.

I brought out the celebrity board - a posterboard that I pasted 50 of the celebrity caricature cards on, to see if people could tell who they were and what we all have in common with them (we will all face death one day). A few people showed some interest, but most took off when I attempted to speak with them. We'll have to try it again another night.

There were a couple of girls playing guitar for tips in our usual spot, so we set up nearby and handed out tracts for a while. Jeremiah and Rudy came out, and it was nice to see them. Since Jeremiah moved up north, we haven't seen much of him out on Mill. He can always gather a crowd pretty quickly, and our atheists love to argue with him. Unfortunately, they didn't show up until much later when he was about ready to leave for the long drive home.

Meanwhile, Jeremiah preached to the crowd across the street that was waiting to get into bars over there, and also answered some hostile questions from some people who disagreed with the idea of street preaching.

Later there were a couple of guys who were flaunting their homosexuality, lifting their shirts and dancing around, trying to annoy us, and another guy who was mocking the Bible with sarcasm by claiming that God didn't like "sex with dudes." Amidst all of this craziness going on, there was another guy named Jessie who was sitting on the window ledge of the post office.

I was standing nearby as we were talking to another guy who claimed that homosexuals were born that way. I agreed with him, explaining that we're all born sinful, and that my sins might manifest differently than his, but we are all born sinful and we need to repent of that sin rather than embrace it. He didn't like that explanation much and went back to his friends for reinforcement.

Jessie said that he'd seen something on TV that suggested that homosexuality was almost a disease, a mental imbalance of some sort. I told him that I didn't think so, that it was merely the sinful nature of mankind in general, and we talked for a bit about that and what the Word of God says about it. He said he'd read some of the Bible, but not all of it, so I gave him a Book of John and asked him to read that to start with. He hung around for a while after this, so I felt that I should talk with him more, asking him if he considered himself to be a good person. He did, and we went through a couple of the Commandments to show that, by God's standard, he wasn't good, so that he could understand the need for a Savior. I explained the Gospel and how the punishment was paid by Jesus Christ's sacrifice on the cross, and what is required of us is repentance and trust in Him for our salvation. We had a pretty good conversation, please keep Jessie in prayer, that the Lord would water the seed planted, bring him to true conviction and salvation.

Another guy came by with a skate board and tried to unplug the mic while Ed was preaching. He came back a little later with some insults, then came right out and told us that he was trying to provoke us to anger. He told us that we couldn't read, didn't understand our own Bible and some other silliness that I don't even remember. He was pretty ineffective in his attempts. It was a bit strange though, he didn't seem angry, but there was a controlled hatred of the things of God within him.

Soli Deo Gloria

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