Friday, February 25, 2011

Million Dollar Bill Tract

The Million Dollar Bill has got to be the easiest tract to give out to people. Anytime I buy something, I ask if the cashier can break a million. Then I tell them they can keep the million and I pay for whatever I'm buying, telling them that it's a Gospel tract and to read the back when they get the chance.

The other day, while we were at Chuck E Cheese, one of the kids left a Million Dollar Bill on the table while they were off playing. I was watching the table, waiting for our pizza, and some other kid came by and stopped to look at it. He said, "Wow" and got up to leave, so I asked him if he wanted one. He took a Million Dollar Bill and asked for another for his friend. Later, he came back with two other friends to get more.

You've got to be a little bit careful witnessing at work, especially to customers. I deal with people in other states, usually through email or phone calls, but we recently got a new agency and they sent out a couple of representatives to meet us. I always carry around some Million Dollar Bill tracts in my shirt pocket, but don't actively share at work unless someone asks. If anyone comments on the Million Dollar Bill, I give them one and explain to them that it's a Gospel tract.

The other day, my boss brought a couple of new customers around to meet everyone. They commented on my Million Dollar Bills and my boss said, "Yeah, give them one." So I did. It's always good to have a few interesting tracts with you, as you never know when the opportunity will arise. These two will have the opportunity to read through the Gospel message on the airplane ride home. I don't know what they believe, I didn't have time and couldn't really witness to new customers at work, but they have a good representation of the Gospel on the back of that Million Dollar Bill.

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