Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Friday 06-03-11

We took our 8 year old daughter out with us to First Friday. She loves going, but we don't make it out there very often. She took advantage of the time and handed out tons of tracts. She also got on the box a couple of times to recite the Ten Commandments.

A young kid and his girlfriend stopped by to ask me for proof of God's existence, I gave him the analogy that a building is proof that there is a builder and a painting itself is the proof that there was a painter, so creation is obvious proof that there was a Creator, but he didn't want to accept any "lame analagies." Basically, he had no answer to this simple way of proving God's existence, so he simply rejects it. But he's left without excuse (Rom 1:20). May the Lord work in his heart and bring him to salvation.

A woman named Teresa went through the Good Person Test, after a couple of trivia questions. She was a believer, but explaining the Law and the need for a Savior seemed to make more sense to her.

A couple of our atheists came out and set up a video camera in front of us. They said they were trying out a new camera and hung around for a while before moving on to another location. Interesting that they decided to film us, I'm thinking they want to get their own critique ready for further opposition to the street preaching.
We were only out there for a couple of hours, but it was very busy. We distributed a lot of tracts and talked with a lot of people.

Soli Deo Gloria

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