Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Saturday 06-18-11

Another Saturday night on Mill Ave.  I spoke with Tamara, a woman who had stopped by in the crowd to listen to Brandt doing some Open Air Preaching. She seemed receptive to the message, so I gave her a couple of tracts and showed her the website on the back that she could check out later.

Brandt sent a man named Santi (short for Santiago), over to talk with me while he was doing Open Air. Santi had been drinking a bit, but did seem open to hearing the Gospel. I took him through The Good Person Test  and he understood his need for a Savior. I gave him an "Are You Good Enough to Get into Heaven?" tract and then he went back to listen to Brandt for a while.

A man named Matt had come over to stand next to our cross. He had a crown of thorns on his hat, and claimed that he was Jesus Christ. He also said that we're all gods. He seemed to have a warped mixture of humanism, pantheism and a little bit of watered down Christianity as his smorgasbord religion. Before he left, he claimed that he spoke some truth to me, and I told him that I'd spoken some truth to him as well. We didn't agree, but shook hands as he headed down the street. Please pray that the Lord would work in him, showing him the error of attempting to mix Christianity with any other belief system.

We were speaking to a couple of young women that had stopped to read the giant sign that Marcus has. An obnoxious man interupted Brandt, claiming that Mormonism is the same as Christianity. He later admitted that he wasn't even Mormon, but Muslim and he claimed that his religion taught to leave other religions alone to believe what they want. He was drunk, smoking and cursing, so he wasn't even following his own professed beliefs.

Here is another crazy guy that decided to hang out for a while, making these "Satanic" signs with his hands and speaking some occasional gibberish and other times speaking English, yet still making no sense. He was only attempting to be a distraction.

Melissa Tribel, who gave me the URL's previously, was back so I gave her a copy of the response which I had printed from my post here. She took it and came back to argue with me for a while. She gets all excited and paces back and forth, jumps and yells while trying to make her point. After a while of this fruitless activity, Joe came over and she started talking to him so I took the opportunity to go back to passing out tracts. Later on Alan came over to speak with her and then Joe managed to escape.

Sometimes you can tell when you're wasting your time on rabbit trails, keeping you from witnessing to people who would be more open and receptive to the Gospel. Still, seeds planted, it was a good night of carrying out the Great Commission in obedience to our Lord and Savior.

Soli Deo Gloria

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