Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Saturday 07-23-11

It was hot and humid out on Mill Ave on Saturday night. I did some Open Air Trivia and met Sonnie and Tim. They answered a couple of the trivia questions and had been through the Good Person Test (GPT) with Tom before. I talked to them a bit to see if they understood it and had made any sort of changes in their lives, and they said that they had.

A couple of older ladies walked by while Tom was doing some Open Air, and they said they really liked what he was doing, in taking a young girl through the Law to show her need of a Savior. They were familiar with Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, so I gave them a tract with the Living Waters website on it, so they could look into more of it.

Some others were talking with some bikers for Jesus and got into a conversation about carnal Christianity and sinning as believers. Even though I wasn't involved in that particular conversation, we discussed the subject later and it made me think about some things. I'm working on a separate post for some of my own thoughts on that one.

We distributed some tracts and talked with a few others. Next week we have a WOTM class, and hopefully even more people to come out on Mill to reach out to the lost (Luke 10:2).

Soli Deo Gloria

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