Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Saturday 07-02-11

Well, I haven't posted anything here in a couple of weeks. I was at Kids Camp for four days the previous weekend, and had a lot of stuff going on when I got back. However, we did make it out to Mill Ave on Saturday for some evangelizing.

Tom and I arrived to find some protesters on the corner. They seemed to be Muslim, as the women were wearing head coverings. We talked to them and found that they were protesting for the freedom of Syria. Apparently, there had been something on 360 with Anderson Cooper that revealed some brutalities going on during protests there.

We set up nearby and Tom took a couple of people through the Good Person Test, giving away glowsticks to anyone willing to participate. We were trying something new, using a splitter for a second mic. I held the second mic for the person going through the test, so that they could be heard.

One of them, Sadie, didn't like the message and held to "her god" who would forgive everyone, without the need to turn from sin (repentance) and trust in Christ alone to pay her penalty. She didn't understand the need of a Savior, and hopefully thought further about how her idolatrous "god" that allows people to continue in their sins (Hebrews 10:26-27) has no power to save and in fact, doesn't even exist. Keep her in prayer that the one true God of the Bible will reveal Himself to her and draw her for salvation.

After the protesters left, a man came by on the other side and set up a drum set. We moved a little further over so that we could be heard. It was pretty hot out, so when he took a break, I offered him an ice cold water bottle and a Gospel tract, which he thanked me for.

Junior and Cassandra were another couple that went through the Good Person Test. Junior looked angry, but was actually very receptive to the Gospel message. Someone else stopped by to interrupt, asking us if we'd ever been to Jerusalem. We said that we had not, and she claimed that she had. I really have no idea what sort of point that was supposed to make. But Junior and Cassandra wanted to hear our message and told her to go away and stop interrupting, which she did.

We went to IHOP afterward to hang out in fellowship before heading home. We had an interesting discussion about whether or not the Law (Ten Commandments) is still relevant today. I believe it is, but that subject is worth a separate post of it's own, which I'm working on. Meanwhile, if anyone has an interest, you can click the tab at the top labeled WOTM.

Soli Deo Gloria

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