Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Saturday 09-17-11

As we arrived on Mill Ave, we found Alan already out there, and the two musicians that have been hanging out in our normal spot. They have a guitar and sing some Christians songs, but usually pack up shortly after we get there, since they come out earlier. So this works out pretty well.

We played some music through the amp, handing out tracts for a while, and then Tom started doing some Open Air to give away glow sticks to people willing to take the Good Person Test (GPT). We had a few people stop by and go through the test and we distributed some tracts.

Tom went through the GPT with a few people. One particular guy seemed a little uncomfortable and convicted, but as soon as he was able to step away, there didn't seem to be any real change in him. He had told Tom that he was there with some friends, and as they came over, he took the opportunity to escape. So Tom took them through the GPT, too. One of them, a girl named Aubrey was very attentive and seemed to understand the need for a Savior.

Then a couple of guys stopped to heckle Tom, and some bystanders who were listening to him were offended by the hecklers. As Tom continued talking to Aubrey, one guy came out of the crowd and had some words with the heckler, before shoving him to the ground (I caught all of this on video). This, of course, only gives the heckler more ammunition. He jumped up and shouted that he'd been knocked down in the name of God. Great...

I talked to him a while after that, and also his friend named Michael. Each of them had a little knowledge of the Bible, but rejected it as truth. Michael said he liked the concept of Jesus and His teachings, but didn't believe that He actually existed. There is so much evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ that even a lot of atheists must concede this point. They still don't believe in Him as God, but cannot refute that He walked the earth as a historical Person.

Michael said that he believed in some sort of "higher power" but also believed in evolution. The real problem in all of this is simple: They choose to believe in an unknowable, supernatural god of some sort, but cannot know what is required of them, so they can continue in their sins, convincing themselves they are guilt free. But God will not be mocked. I told him that if there is a God out there, he better figure out who it is and what He expects out of us, or he may find himself in big trouble on Judgment Day.

There was an older guy named Charlie out there who plays a banjo and agrees that Christians should be evangelizing and preaching the Word. He said he doesn't like tracts, but talks to people on the streets whenever he can.

Soli Deo Gloria

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