Monday, November 28, 2011

Atheist Billboards pt 1

So, there's these "atheist" billboards going up around the Phoenix area lately.

I thought I'd type up some responses to these things from a Christian worldview, and give some ideas of how one might turn these attempted "attacks" on Christianity into an opening for sharing the Gospel.  Thanks atheists!   

Here are some examples of things we could say:

Hey, have you heard about those new "atheist billboards"?  What do you think of that?  Have you had a Christian background?

Isn't it interesting how atheists are being more evangelical in something they claim NOT to believe, while so many Christians won't talk about what they DO believe for fear of offending someone?  

Do you really think a person can be "good" and have "morals" without there being some sort of unchanging standard, such as the nature of God, to base them on?

Do you really believe that everything could have been created by random chance?  

Why are there seven days in a week?  It doesn't match up to a solar, lunar or monthly cycle of seasons in any way.  The only place a basis for it is mentioned is in the seven days of creation.

Has there ever been a code that was not made by some sort of intelligent being?  Codes don't just happen by themselves, right?  How about the DNA code?

Where do laws of science come from?  If there is no sort of Designer for them, how can they be trusted?  

Where do standards of morality come from?  If all living things are random accidents, why is there value to life other than one's own?
If survival of the fittest is true, why do we mourn the loss of a life?  

How do we all know that lying, stealing and murder are wrong?  Because it's written on our hearts by the Creator of all.  

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