Thursday, November 3, 2011

Saturday 10-29-11

Halloween weekend on Mill Ave is always interesting. It was packed out there the entire time we were there.

We had a couple of Catholics that came out to try to persuade us not to talk to anyone who professed to be a Catholic. I explained that I could not make that promise. The lady, Jo Anne, walked around praying as we talked with different people, but she would speak out against us if we touched on anything about any errors in the Catholic church - such as ideas about purgatory, Mary worship, or praying to the saints - all false doctrine.

The guy kept Brandt busy discussing the differences between Protestants and Catholics, and anytime that I went over to try to get him free to talk to others, Jo Anne would come over and engage me in conversation. They were nice enough people, but wasting our time when there were plenty of others to talk to.

A woman named Keisha stopped to look at the illusion board, I took her through the Good Person Test (GPT) and gave her a tract to take with her.

Jordan, one of our friendly neighborhood atheists, was there with a rubber demon mask. Since there has been no real atheist presence lately, he was kind of bored, but hung around for a while. Every once in a while, he would bring someone he knows over to talk with me.

He brought a guy named Daniel over, and I took him through the GPT. He seemed to have a lot of knowledge on Christianity, listened to what I had to say and took a tract when we were finished. He seemed receptive.

A couple others came by to look at the illusion board, but got away when Jordan asked me a question. They had been drinking and I suppose they just took the opportunity to escape.

Another lady and her friend stopped to look at the illusion board, but took off before going through the GPT. I think at least one of them had taken it before, and they didn't want to hang around. They wouldn't take a tract, either.

Jason and Artie went through the GPT, and Jason asked a couple of questions later, like why would God condemn people when He loves everyone, so I explained that, in addition to being loving, God is also holy, righteous and just. In order for justice to be satisfied, the fine must be paid, and the wages of sin is death. This is what is so lacking in churches across America today, who only preach half the Gospel, only about love, when that is not the only attribute of the God revealed to us in the Bible.

I also explained how the same crime committed against different levels of authority will result in heightened levels of punishment in direct proportion to the level of the one it is committed against.

Jordan sent a couple more of his friends over (I don't know why he does this), but these were pagans and didn't really have any interest in a discussion on spiritual things. One of them did take a tract later on, though, so who knows how the Lord will work in them.

Some guy pushed Brandt, so I took his picture. He didn't like that much, but he wandered away after a little while, attempting to look cool and leisurely, but making sure he was out of there before any police came by.

We distributed a lot of tracts and planted seeds of the Gospel with many who were out for a Halloween weekend on Mill Ave.

Soli Deo Gloria

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