Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday 11-19-11

Tom, Marcus, Alex and I met Alan out on Mill Ave on Saturday night.  It was really crowded out there with the ASU - U of A game going on.  It took us a while to find a place to park and we had to walk for a few blocks to get to our usual place.  We met a Wildcats fan who asked, “Ready for what?” in response to the cross we were carrying with the question, “Are You Ready?” on the cross bar.  I said, “Ready to stand before the Lord Jesus Christ and give an account for your life.”  Another guy said, “but not today” as he kept on walking past.  I explained to the first one that we were talking to that 150,000 people die every day, and we never know when death might come upon us.  Most people don’t see it coming, but we are not guaranteed another day. 
He took an “Are You Good Enough To Get Into Heaven?” tract with him as he left. 

We eventually got to our spot where Alan was already handing out tracts.  There was an artist selling his drawings there, so I talked to him for a while.  His name was Ron, I took him through the Good Person Test and we found that he wasn’t so good when held to God’s standards. 

Please keep him in prayer, he had some erroneous ideas of God, but was willing to check out a couple of tracts I gave had given him and he said that he would definitely read the Bible that Alan had given him earlier. 

Later on, the guy who claims to be a Satanist hung around for a while with a friend of his, attempting to disrupt Tom as he was doing some Open Air.  We had a few more really rowdy guys who were very hateful towards the Gospel, but they didn’t hang around too long.  

 Two policemen on bikes stopped nearby to talk with some guy.  Apparently, things weren’t going well with that conversation, as he turned, hiked up his pants and ran.  The police tackled him to the pavement just a few feet from where he had started from.  I’m not sure what he’d done, but he was going to jail for sure now. 

The game got over as we were deciding to pack up, so it took us a while to get out of the area through all the traffic.  We hung out at Taco Bell while waiting for the crowds to thin out before heading home.  

Soli Deo Gloria

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