Monday, November 28, 2011

Atheist Billboards pt2

I look at these billboards and I am not offended. They get people thinking about God, for or against, and bring the topic to the forefront of conversations, opening a door to speak to them about spiritual things. Now, don’t think that Christians hate atheists – we don’t. We’d like to see them saved. I looked at each and every one of the people in these billboards and I feel bad for them. Each of them were created in the image of God, yet they have been deceived by Satan and their own selfishness and desire for sin that they are completely lost and without hope. Please pray for them, that the Lord would work in them, convicting them in their heart, drawing them to Himself that they might experience true salvation. For such were some of us (1 Cor 6:11).

As usual, the self-proclaimed “atheist” has to borrow from Christianity. What would “heavenly” actually mean to an atheist? Does he mean the sky, or the atmosphere, or is he speaking of outer space?

Where does love come from? Of course we should think, and open minds are great, as long as you don’t let them open for so long that stuff starts to fall out. Not everything out there is something you want to let in. We have doors on our homes for a reason, and we should guard our minds even more carefully. I hope that one day, one of my daughters will meet yours, and be able to speak to them in love, that your kids will have an open mind, and realize the truth by simply thinking it through.

Ah yes, I am too old for imaginary friends as well. But look into it, study the Word of God and know the truth. Look at the archaeological evidence, the fulfilled prophecy, the science that is found in the pages of the Bible. Seek Him and you will find Him, when you seek with all of your heart, mind and soul. Eternity depends on it.

It is, but Christianity is not blind faith. There is more evidence for the authenticity of the Bible than there is for any other work of antiquity – more manuscript evidence, shorter timeframe between when it was written and when the events happened, and the fact that has never been any archaeological evidence to disprove anything written in the Bible, but there has been much that has proven the text.

“I believe in reason, not religion” I agree. Man made religion to reach to God, but it is an impossible feat. God has reached out to mankind by coming down Himself in Jesus Christ, paid for our sins by dying on the cross, then rose again on the third day. It is a relationship with the Living God, not religion that will save you.

You don’t know their deeds, and to be quite honest, you’re right about the creeds. People don’t always follow what they say they do. We are deceitfully wicked, but there is a cure. If you truly do have respect for deeds, know that there are none found good, not one, on the entire earth. God alone is good, and any good you see in mankind is purely by His common grace, no matter who you see it in.

Morality isn’t found in religion, but in the very character of God. I’ll tell you that you have no basis whatsoever for any morality in your own life if you claim to be an atheist. What would you base them on? You must “borrow” your ethics and morality from the Christian worldview, because they don’t make sense from an atheist worldview.

"Good for goodness sake"? What are you – Santa Claus? An atheist worldview makes no sense. If it’s just “survival of the fittest” then there is no right or wrong, no good or bad.
 I’d like to know how you define “good” and what standard you base that on.
I’d like to know how you think scientific laws exist, what morality is and what it’s based on, and how a DNA code just randomly created itself. There is no code of any sort that didn’t have a creator.

Well, I’d agree with this guy, that the Mormon god is fictional. There is a lot of incorrect theology that disagrees with the Bible in Mormon doctrine. However, being mixed up in a cult for a while shouldn’t cause you to throw out all belief in God. You just need to search for the truth.

I don’t know what sort of “Christian indoctrination” you received, but as a doctor, how can you look at life, at the human body, and think that it all just fell together by some sort of random chance? You’ve really got to jump through some hoops and have some strong faith in nothing to deny the God who created you.

Planes fly because of the laws of aerodynamics. I’d just like to ask you exactly where and how scientific laws came into being?
As an atheist, you cannot accept that God created them, but as a thinking, rational person, you must realize that these scientific laws don’t just create themselves, right?

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