Monday, March 5, 2012

Saturday 03-03-12

Tom and I met Alan out on Mill Ave. We brought the illusion board, which always attracts attention, and a couple stopped by to check it out as soon as we had it set up.

Tobias and Crystal liked the illusion, and we took them through some of the "IQ questions" which lightens the mood and gets some laughs at how easily we can be fooled by a few trick questions. Then they agreed to go through the Good Person Test (GPT). She seemed a little strung out on something and wasn't paying much attention, but he listened and took it seriously. We gave them a couple of tracts before they headed on their way. Before I was even done talking with them, Tom was speaking with another couple that had stopped by to look at the board.

Later, there was a group of around ten to fifteen people that were checking out the illusion board, so I got out the mic in order to speak with them all at once, and take them through the GPT. One woman seemed interested at first, but as we started going through the Law and the fact that we all deserve to be punished in hell, she decided to walk away without hearing the rest. A couple of her friends left a few minutes later, but the others stayed and listened, getting a clear view of our need for a Savior.

So many people in America believe that they can get into heaven by being a "good person," and they don't like being shown how they stand up to God's standards. These are the ones that are referred to as "innoculated backsliders", knowing just enough of a watered down message to think that they are safe, believing that God is only love, and will just forgive everyone no matter what they do, because He knows their heart. Well, God is more than just love, He is also holy, righteous and just. He does indeed know your heart, and that thought ought to really scare you, because our hearts are deceitfully wicked. If you don't believe that, seriously comtemplate this:

If we could record your mind, every thought and secret desire that you've had in just the past year, and we could put that up on a large screen and invite everyone you know, family, friends, coworkers and acquintences, to view your thought life, how would you feel? Think about this seriously, wouldn't you run away from there and never go back? Because you know that you've thought things that you would never share with even your closest friend. I know this because I am human, just like you, and none of us measure up to God's standards. Know for a fact that God sees every thought, and He is the Creator and Judge of all mankind. We should be very afraid that a holy and righteous God who gave us a standard to live by, knows our every thought and desire of our hearts, and we have violated His law. Without Jesus Christ to pay the fine that we owe, we would all be rightfully cast into the lake of fire for eternity, for our thoughts and deeds in transgression of His Law. Our only hope is to repent of our sins, turn away, foresaking the evil we once loved, and then trust in Jesus Christ alone for our salvation.

A couple of homeless people stopped by throughout the night. I have a few "Gift For You" tracts, which has a place to insert a bill and includes a good Gospel message within it. These people were very appreciative and started reading it right away.

You can get some of these at Living Waters.

A man named Hubert stopped and asked us for prayer. He was pretty drunk and has a serious drinking problem, which is causing issues with his family. He wants to be reconciled with them, but continues to go home drunk. We prayed for him and Tom talked with him for a while about needing to give up alcohol and get his life clean.

Julian, who goes by "Jersey" stopped by with a couple of friends to check out our illusion board. We took him throught the GPT, and he seemed to be convicted, as it made a lot of sense to him. His friends wandered off, but he stayed and talked with us for a while. He said this was "real" and we gave him some tracts to take with him.

A man named Julio stopped by, and claimed to be a Christian. He said that he didn't believe in "duality", that it's not as simple as right and wrong, good and bad, but more of a gray area. I took him through the GPT anyway, and he said that he appreciated what we were doing out there. However, even as he professed Christianity, he said that he did not believe that Jesus Christ was the only way. He thought that people in other religions might have some sort of "Christ-consiousness" as he called it. I explained that if there was any other way, then Jesus Christ died in vain. I explained that the Bible states that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and no one comes to the Father, except through Him. There is no other name under heaven by which we can be saved.

It seems that his problem is that he has relatives who are Buddhists and Muslims and does not want to think that there is no hope for them apart from Jesus Christ. He couldn't take the exclusivity, which is the main thing that makes Christianity so offensive to unbelievers. Sean talked with him for a while, but didn't make much progress, either. I gave him an "Are You Good Enough to Get into Heaven" tract before we left, please pray that he will read it and the Lord will open his eyes to understand the Gospel and be saved, for the glory of God.

Soli Deo Gloria

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