Thursday, March 8, 2012


"Tolerance is a virtue for those without convictions." -GK Chesterton

So, let's talk about "tolerance" and try to understand the word, because I think it's been taken out of context quite a bit lately. It would seem that the gay rights activists think it means we all have to agree in order to be tolerant. But these are some of the most intolerant people towards anyone who disagrees with them that I've ever seen.

We cannot even have tolerance unless we disagree. What is there to tolerate if you completely agree with someone else?

I disagree with the homosexual lifestyle, like Kirk Cameron, I find it unnatural and destructive. I will vote against homosexual marriage, I will talk to people about what the Bible says about the subject But I do not hate nor fear homosexuals. I do not beat them up for their beliefs or think they should be jailed or killed. I would say that I am fairly tolerant in my disagreement with it. Why is that so bad? Am I not entitled to my opinion just as everyone else?

I will never agree that it's right because the Bible clearly condemns it. Anyone who claims to be a Christian, yet condones that lifestyle is either deceived or ignorant, and any church leader who teaches that it's ok as a Christian is a false teacher.

If I must be considered "intolerant" because I will stand up for what I believe, and can argue the point from a biblical perspective, then fine. But those who throw around the accusations must acknowledge that they are just as "intolerant" as I am, in order for them to avoid the label of "hypocrite."

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