Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Saturday 03-24-12

There was a guy in a cowboy hat and too short of tie singing on Mill Ave where we usually set up. So, we set up our stuff nearby and Tom did some Open Air (OA), giving away glow sticks to people who would take the Good Person Test (GPT).

The cowboy decided to start heckling us with his mic, which helped to draw a crowd. People always like to stop by and see what's going on if they hear someone who sounds argumentative. Tom ignored him and continued to talk with others as they stopped by.

A woman named Sara stopped by and said she would consider herself to be a good person. I took her through the test, she seemed to have heard it before, but she was paying attention and even seemed to be somewhat convicted. I gave her an "Are You Good Enough to Get Into Heaven?" tract and a glow stick to take with her.

A guy named Nick stopped by and talked with us for a little while. He seemed to be a believer and was familiar with the Way Of The Master (WOTM), but didn't do any evangelism himself. He said he had friends who did. He asked about a Bible passage concerning eating fruits and vegetables, which made me wonder if he thought eating meat was wrong. He didn't commit to a side on that subject, though, so I'm still not sure. He said that he lives out on the Air Force base, but hangs out in Tempe a lot.

We didn't stay out too late, since we had a few new people with us, and I had a class to teach the next morning. We stopped at Denny's after we left Mill. A guy was sitting near us who was celebrating his birthday. He started talking with us a bit, he said he saw us praying before we ate and that he was a believer. However, in speaking with him further, it seemed that he was more of the false convert, the "carnal Christian" that thinks that they can just live any way they want to because of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. They seem to miss something out of Hebrews 10:26-27, which makes it very clear that we cannot continue to deliberately sin and think that we are saved.

A biker guy and his girlfriend were sitting nearby and had been talking with this guy earlier. He decided to get into the conversation with his two cents, also believing there is no consequences for whatever we do in this life. I guess he's hoping for a death bed confession or something, but we're not guaranteed any chance like that. Many people die suddenly without any such opportunity. And besides that, there comes a time when God simply will not put up with rebellion any more and we are not even able to repent (Heb 12:17). Esau sought for it with tears, but did not find it.

Then he told me that if he wanted to hear me preach, he'd come to church on Sunday. So I invited him, but he wasn't interested.

As we were leaving, I stuck out my hand to him, and he reluctantly shook it but would not raise his eyes from looking at his receipt (I think he would have rathered to have taken me outside and beaten me). I told him that I hoped he would find a church to go to on Sundays, and he ignored me.

As I thought about his statement on the way home, that he would go to church on Sunday if he wanted to hear preaching, I should have explained that Jesus said He did not come for the righteous but for the sinners (Luke 5:32), and He sends us out to reach them as well. Maybe next time.

This guy should have been more tolerant. I had listened to him curse, blaspheme, and be obnoxiously loud, without ever saying a word. But then he decides to butt into my conversation and tell me he doesn't want to listen to "preaching"? Please pray that the Lord would work in both of these men, convicting them of their sin, convincing them of their need, and drawing them to Himself for their salvation, so that they will not one day hear those fateful words of Jesus Christ when they stand before Him at the end of time: "Away from Me you workers of iniquity. I never knew you." (Matt 7:23)

If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left, but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God. - Hebrews 10:26-27

Soli Deo Gloria


Thomas Fusco said...

Al, your right in your observation about those who are lost! Yes we need to pray, and pray and pray some more, but as you know just to sit and pray and not speak to those who need to hear the truth is selfish.

AL said...

Yep, prayer and action! (Nehemiah 4:8-9)