Monday, March 12, 2012

Saturday 03-10-12

Tom and I brought Linda out to Mill Ave for witnessing. She had been through a previous class, but had not been out to Mill before. We met Alan and Dan out there and set up Tom's sign and the illusion board. We had some good witnessing encounters. Here are a few of them.

Haley and Tyler stopped to check out the illusion board, and I took them through the Good Person Test (GPT). They didn't really seem too convicted, as he was hanging on her and snuggling up to her while we were talking. Still, they took an "Are You Good Enough to get into Heaven?" tract. Seeds planted, may the Lord convict them and draw them to Himself.

A couple named Fred and Jessica stopped by next, and went through the GPT. They had some trouble admitting that they would be destined for hell. Even though Fred had admitted to breaking God's Law, he thought he'd be let into heaven anyway. I explained that in a human court, if you're found guilty of breaking the law, you cannot simply go free because you say that you're sorry. There is a fine to be paid. Of course, God is not a human judge, He is far more just than that. But there is still a fine to be paid, and the wages of sin is death (Rom 6:23).
Fred still thought that God would forgive him and allow him into heaven. So I explained that the fine had to be paid, and that Jesus Christ paid that fine, taking on the punishment that we deserved so that we could be saved. We have to understand and admit that we deserve to go to hell for breaking God's law. I gave them some tracts to look through as they left.

A group of teenagers stopped to look at the illusion board, but didn't really want to interact. I talked to one of them named Bradley, who seemed to have a pretty good idea of how we're all found sinful, but he didn't really understand what is required to get into heaven, citing that you had to be baptized and participate in the Passover celebration or something like that. I explained that it is only through repenting of our sins, turning away from them, and hating those things we once loved as much as God has always hated them, and then trusting in Jesus Christ alone for our salvation, as He is the only one that could pay the fine for us. I gave him and a couple of his friends some tracts, but some of the others wouldn't take them.

A young guy named Namath stopped and talked with me for a little while. He said he'd had a Christian background, but seemed to have some issues with that because he felt persecuted in his school because he is a Native American. I took him through the GPT and he seemed somewhat convicted. He said that he had come out to drink, but after talking with me, he wasn't going to. I couldn't really see any conviction in him, but sometimes you just cannot know what people are thinking. I gave him a tract to take with him and read later.
Please pray for the lost, that they would receive the Word of God in some form - whether talking with believers or reading a good Biblical tract - and that the Lord would convict their heart and draw them to Him, for their salvation and to God's glory alone.

Soli Deo Gloria

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